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“Jeune Amour” from the album 'Mood Swings Featuring Mara Benttencourt'

Review Written by Victoria Scott

Mara Bettencourt gives us a stunning performance of the somber ballad "Jeune Amour" from the album Mood Swings by J.R Wilbur and the Just Right Singers. Smooth jazz rhythm introduces Mara's lovely lead vocals along with a sultry saxophone. The rhythm section sets the jazz groove as the saxophone anticipates the melody and plays the motif as Mara sings the chorus. The arrangement is complex, with its blues progression, silky harmonies, and mellow jazz rhythms. "Jeune Amour" is a solemn and dreamy song featuring cool acoustic guitar and wistful piano embellishing the smooth jazz groove.

"Jeune Amour" is full of heart and tells a sad story of lost love. The soft jazz melody on the saxophone rushes over the deep bassline and warm piano. To experience a meaningful and honest love is beautiful, but sometimes we're not lucky enough to have that relationship. Mara's wistful and warm vocals sing the disheartening lyrics, "Jeune Amour, I'm all alone. I've got a place to live, but I can't call it home. I sleep with you in dreams, but I still sleep alone. I need to hear your voice if only, on the phone. So many things to say the words got in the way, but as the moment passed, we let it slip away."

Mara Bettencourt is an extraordinary singer with a unique smooth jazz and blues style. "Jeune Amour's" passionate lyrics are moving and Mara delivers an honest performance. Intense instrumentation, the saxophone's alluring jazz licks. and Mara's dreamy vocals that melt into the sweet groove, are all captivating.

Mara is a dynamic and soulful artist with phenomenal musicality and J.R. Wilbur is a songwriter who depicts a vivid story about love and loss. Together, the writer and singer bring this song to life.

For more information about Mara Benttencourt, please visit her website.

For information on J.R. Wilbur and The Just Right Singers album, please visit J.R.'s website.


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