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Jesse Spradlin - "Hold On to My Heart"

Review by Patrick Joseph

"Hold On to My Heart" is a moving and uplifting song. Spradlin's charismatic voice will win listeners over right away. The sparse introduction cascades wonderfully into a full band chorus that will have you nodding along. The carefully placed melodies are supplemented by excellent mandolin and guitar fills while a rhythm section masterfully pushes the time forward.

Lyrically, "Hold On to My Heart" is poetic and sweet.

"That you can hold on to my heart

Cause I can't hold on to my head…You should never let me go away again."

The earnest and expressive vocal delivery perfectly matches the mood of the song.

"It won't take long, dear Just look into my eyes, Here in the silence, Would you realize...."

With a message that is pertinent to any distant love, this song will appeal to everyone who has a heart.

"Hold On to My Heart" is arranged beautifully. The song builds into a dynamic peak at the bridge, which then evolves into a break-down chorus only to elevate the energy level one last time for the final shout chorus. A fantastic musical ride. Spradlin and her band are firing on all cylinders throughout this song which will win you over instantaneously. Mature instrumental playing plays the perfect backdrop to her expressive vocals. Inspirational and uplifting, this song is a home run.


About Jesse Spradlin

Jesse Spradlin. Virginia-born. Texas-grown. This Americana singer-songwriter grew up the fourth of five children, saturated in soulful music and surrounded by family harmony. On her 13th birthday, Jesse received a baby Yamaha guitar from her mother and her Blues-Hall-of-Fame guitarist father. Before even learning a full chord, Jesse wrote her first song.

Jesse’s Americana vibe swings from innocent, rainy-day melodies to swampy, soulful powerhouse numbers. Said to be a unique mixture of Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones, and Alison Krauss, Jesse’s voice and songwriting take your heart and soul on a musical journey.

Jesse married her husband Alexander in the summer of 2021 and they have made their home in Fort Worth, Texas. There, Jesse continues to pursue music full-time as a singer-songwriter and performing artist.

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