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Jay “Blue Jay” Jourden - "We Need To Know (There's Happiness In Our World)"

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier

Singer, songwriter, and activist Jay "Blue Jay" Jourden calls for unity and acceptance on the thought-provoking "We Need To Know (There's Happiness In Our World)." An eclectic blend of genres taken from influences worldwide, this song is a winner of the 11th Global Non-Violent Film Festival Award for Best Music In A Music Video.

Nearly clocking in at 8 minutes in length, Jourden blends soft rock, orchestral, choral, world, and even gypsy elements to create a uniquely refreshing sound that doesn't beat around the bush when it comes to delivering a message.

Led by Jourden's soulful leathery voice, "We Need To Know" features a varied cast of vocalists, including Kathryn Shipley, Dee Rock, Revele, Jackson Snelling, Nitty Gritty GR & Wendy K. Each has their moments as they step in and out at various times throughout the song. Each trading off a verse at a time. Each performance is heartfelt and sincere. Honestly, this gives me more and more hope for the world, each time I listen.

With lyrics such as "Can anybody tell me what race did I come from? 'Cause I'm a little confused. I thought there was just one," the message here is clear. Celebrate our differences and differences but recognize that we're all in this together.

In his own words, Jourden says,

"[This song] takes you on an emotional and spiritually uplifting journey to that special place where you realize that all people.... everywhere.... are truly related.....while beautifully different in so many ways....we are all in need of love and those feelings of being a part of a family.... and happiness…."

Written by Jourden, "We Need to Know" showcases a great deal of emotion and dynamic acrobatics with softer, more subdued verses giving way to big, epic, sweeping choruses. During these moments, voices come together in unison as this mix is bathed in washes of synth, haunting piano and strings while hints of the electric guitar are snuck in here and there. All tied together with some steady and solid drumming.

If thought-provoking, healing and hopeful, anthemic music is in your wheelhouse, be sure to give this one a spin several times!


About Jay "Blue Jay" Jourden

A multi-award-winning & nominated Songwriter & Producer, Jay has been nominated and/or awarded the past four years at the Josie Music Awards, winning vocalist of the year in Jazz/Blue and Song of the Year in Jazz/Blues with multiple other nominations for EP of the Year, Song of the Year, & Vocalist of the Year.

The song "We Need To Know (There's Happiness In Our World)" just won (2022) the 11th Annual Global Non-Violent Film Festival Award for Best Music In A Music Video. Additional awards have been in the W. A. M. Music Awards Honorable Mention & Silver Award Social Impact/Justice.

Currently signed with Global Film Studio, he leads their Music Department and is also a member of their Advisory Board. Global Film Studio is a socially active, major international film company, under internationally acclaimed director Bruno Pischiutta and producer Daria Trifu.

Global Film Studio is currently in pre-production of several films in Greece and other parts of the world, addressing important socially significant issues, affecting changes in global thinking, and all done without the “Hollywood Standard” gratuitous sex and violence “norm”.

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