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Jamie Lynn Vessels - 'Don't Worry'

Written by Sylvie Marie and Victoria Scott

Jamie Lynn Vessels' songDon’t Worry” is transcending. It's the kind of song that invites you to exhale and imagine better days ahead. It's inviting and comforting.

How does Jamie achieve such a powerful message in such a tender way? It starts with her beautiful and sultry vocals. From the moment Jamie sings, your troubles melt away.

"So don’t lose yourself, For you are precious to find. And forgive yourself, for your aching mind."

The song's arrangement is simple and sophisticated, providing a tasteful and subtle landscape for Jamie's warm and inviting performance. There's a Janis Ian meets Johnny Cash vibe that's intoxicating.

Musicians on “Don’t Worry” include Shane Theriot lead, guitar; Casandra Faulconer, bass; Chad Gilmore, drums and percussion; and Paul Longstreth on keys. They come together harmoniously. As the song builds you hear melodic piano while the guitar embellishes on one and three. The full roots-rock ballad comes together seamlessly and magically.

“Don’t Worry” is an inspirational song that is smooth and full of life. Jamie Vessels wrote this song to remind herself and others that the world is still beautiful, and you’ll find your way even if your path in life doesn’t seem clear. Even if the days ahead seem dark and unknown, there’s nothing to worry about because, “Love, in the light of the day, will lead you along your way.”


Meet Jamie

Jamie Lynn Vessels has been nominated for numerous awards including “Best Roots Rock Artist” of 2018, “Best Roots Rock Album” of 2018 and “Best Emerging Artist” of 2015.

She was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and initially studied Criminal Justice, obtaining both a Bachelors and a Masters degree. During her studies, she yearned to fully pursue her love of music and songwriting and eventually she chose a career in music, over criminal justice. Jamie switched gears after graduating, and moved to New Orleans to begin a life as a singer-songwriter.

Jamie Lynn Vessels’ band features Vessels herself as the singer-songwriter, Cranston Clements on Guitar, David Brouillette on bass and Daniel Perez-Iriondo on drums. The band was formed after the North Carolina native decided to follow her calling and move to New Orleans. Vessels formed the band between the years 2018 and 2019, and has found a nice fanbase in the Crescent City.

Compared to Lzzy Hale (Halestorm), Melissa Etheridge, and even Susan Tedeschi, Jamie mezmerizes her audineces with a voice that is soulful and down-to-earth, dazzling musicianship, meaingful lyrcis and dynamic performances.

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