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James Kennedy - "Elusive Stranger"

Review by April Marks

Elusive Stranger is the newest song to hit the airwaves from seasoned musician James Kennedy, transporting the listener to a world of lawlessness and freedom. While Kennedy is certainly no stranger to the blues tradition, he still finds a way to make this track sound fresh among his discographies. And certainly, this track offers something new to the table from his jazzier, pop-inspired ventures with longtime group HeartConsortMusic.

A strong, building opening is reminiscent of a weary traveler on a dirt road. A southern-style guitar is met with a sultry fiddle over repetitive drums, accompanied by a bluesy bass as its foundation. One can imagine themselves out in forgotten wilds, traversing unknown dangers and obstacles on a path less followed. The song eventually crescendos, fiddle laced with main motifs, and crashes into a cascading echo of a finish.

In Kennedy’s words, Elusive Stranger is “A song about a mysterious stranger that suddenly appears…” and the music delivers on its storytelling. Kennedy’s word-painting is quite complimentary to his background in synch music, bringing his vision to life succinctly and with no need for bells and whistles. Sometimes a classic fiddle is all you need to set a mood, and Elusive Stranger is a testament to that.


About James Kennedy

James Kennedy and Friends is an instrumental group based in the Midwest. Fronted by versatile guitarist James Kennedy, they play a mix of classic hits, jazz/blues, Latin and original songs – using only their instruments and years of training to bring the music to life. The eclectic sounds of James on guitars, Catherine Lawson on the 5 string electric/acoustic violin, Matt Alles on electric bass and Eric Madison on percussion/drums creates an uncommon blend of tunes both familiar and unique at the same time.


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