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J.R. Wilbur Feat Sharon DiFronzo - 'You Don't Own Me'

Review by Sylvie Marie & HerSong Staff

"You Don't Own Me" is an intelligent and moving adult contemporary pop ballad that captivates the listener with a standout vocal performance by Sharon DiFronzo.

The song opens with singular strums on a guitar and percussive bell-like ambiance which creates a little mystery. Soon, a full band arrives with a nice backbeat; the song has a gentle gentle sway. Sharon enters singing, "You don't own me. I don't own you. You take my hand. Together, we'll make it through."

As the song moves forward, Sharon's vocal performance takes center stage with a voice that easily carries this emotionally complex song. With clear diction and a pristine tone, Sharon's voice has a touch of musical theater, country and pop. She has an impressive dynamic range as she molds the lyrical phrases with beautiful expression and nuance. Angelic background vocals add a nostalgic feel.

Lryically, the song is contemporary ; it looks back at the past and compares how a relationship can feel today in a much different world. This life is pain. There are no rules. We've had to learn to forget what we learned in school." There are new rules in modern love as people have pushed traditional teaches aside as they emmulate images they see on tv.

Written by J.R. Wilbur, the arrangement is always engaging. There is a nice groove that draws you in immediately with gentle keys and guitar. The buildup to the chorus is fantastic making the hook jump off the page. J.R. Wilbur's song, "You Don't Own Me", featuring the vocals of Sharon DiFronzo, is an exceptional song that displays a truly wonderful and expressive vocal performance that takes it to the next level. Sharon DiFronzo found the heart of the song and listeners will hear and feel the soul of the lyrics.

About Sharon DiFronzo

Sharon DiFronzo is a singer, songwriter, voice actor, and vocal coach who has spent a lifetime performing in musical theater, live bands and recording studios. Having been influenced and inspired by a diverse mix of pop and soul music, Sharon is best known for her passionate and heartfelt vocal performances. This song is from the Mood Swings album, by J.R. Wilbur and the Just Right Singers, now available for downloads, as well as in vinyl form, at


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