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Iris Blue - 'Unfamiliar To Me"

Review by Dylan Lloyd

Iris Blue’s “Unfamiliar To Me” is indie rock perfection. The Chicago-based duo comes out the gate with a tasteful, memorable guitar hook that immediately gives the song a unique character. The verse comes in with smooth vocals and a chill, groovy vibe that allowed me to sink into the melodies and truly feel the song. The verses set the mood so they could lead into a high-energy chorus that had my whole body moving. The hooks are where the skill of the drummer shines. The beat is intense but not overbearing, moody but not harsh. The arrangement of the piece overall follows rock tradition, allowing the song to ebb and flow.

The lyrical meaning feels left up to the listener. Some lyrics are abstract but vivid and emotionally evocative. With imagery like “So tie it up in pretty bows, as no one knows,” and “Counterculture lullabies,” there are plenty of unforgettable lyrical hooks throughout the piece. The vocal harmonies layer on top of the melody adding another level of sweetness and complexity to the song that caught my ear. The vocal performance is moody and powerful.

If you’re looking for a new hit indie rock song to jam to, look no further. The production of the piece is masterful. With incredible performances, lyrics, writing, and just an absolute vibe that exudes from this song, you’ll be keeping this song on loop!


About Iris Blue

Iris Blue is an Indie Rock duo out of Chicago. It is made up of Quinn Pokora on guitar/vocals and Braulio Salcedo on drums. Iris blue focuses on creating catchy, cinematic, yet meaningful music.

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