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Irina Imme - 'A Sky of Gray'

Irina Imme (previously known as Irina Atanasiu) is a Romanian 19 year old singer-songwriter who grew up in Brussels, Belgium. Her prolific catalog includes over 130 songs with catchy melodies and relatable, thoughtful lyrics. Irina combines elements of pop and indie-rock in her songs. Her debut single “When I Was Young” received critical praise and achieved 1st place for alternative music in her city on ReverbNation and 2nd place nationally.

Irina's second single “A Sky of Gray” was released on April 15,019. This song explores a darker side of Irina’s life, addressing the struggles of mental illness. A voice for the underdog, every song on her EP, This Little Girl, explores a different chapter of her life to reveal different parts of her emotions and life experiences.

Irina Imme’s “A Sky of Gray” lyrically explores a darker time in her life. The lyrics are contrasted by an upbeat track and soft vocals. The song opens with block chords on piano accompanied by weeping guitar melodies. After one loop around, Irina enters on the minimalist track singing, “Roses they don’t grow on trees / Happy endings don’t exist / We are mortal beings, after all.” Her lyrics are poetic and intelligent.

Irina's gentle vocals take the spotlight as the grieving and honest lyrics draw listeners in. "Funny how a single thing / Breaks a lifetime of healing /And everyday I’m scared I’m gonna die, or hurt, or disappear." As the verse progresses, percussion is added to the mix with a bouncy rhythm that begins to lighten the feel of the arrangement. Upon reaching the chorus, the arrangement shifts to staccato piano and adds a moving bass line that completes the contrast between the lyrics and the instrumental arrangement as she sings,

“For now I’m stuck in my own mind / And you’ll never know this little girl / She loves you so / And when you go / I walk under a sky of gray.”

Offering an intimate glimpse into a life under a complex gray sky of struggle and insecurity, Irina captivates with a sunny mix and beautiful vocals. Ultimately, the music itself offers a ray of hope. Her sweet vocal timbre and infectious melodies shine through the clouds leaving a lasting impression that will have you hooked on her contemplative soul and unique sound.

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