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Ida Maree - 'W.W.W.' (Who's Watching Who)

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“Who’s Watching Who?” by Ida Maree is a stirring commentary on the world we live in, the colorful arrangement rippling with contrasting textures and Maree’s striking voice. Filled with beauty from the message to the delivery, this song is vividly heartfelt and inspiring.

“Who’s Watching Who?” Is captivating from the very first chord the acoustic guitar strums. The arrangement filters in and builds up in layers, each one adding another level of rhythmic and harmonic complexity to the swelling introduction. A rhythmic synth pulses in the back of the mix, propelling the song forward with cleverly placed, muted rhythms that support the driving guitar. Ida Maree’s voice resonates with a fervent urgency, whispering and articulate at times, and at others it blossoms with passion and grit, colored with utter emotion. Even without the descriptive lyrics, ripe with imagery, you could feel the story embodied in Maree’s voice as she sings:

“Seeking affirmation

From a world of doubt and fear

But you’re more than just a like

Upon your wall…

The chorus explodes with a symphony of background vocals, the rich harmonies and varying tones creating a wall of emotion that fortifies the lyrics. Ida Maree’s vibrant voice soars through the array of instruments and harmonies, suspending over the powerful chords with fervor. Her voice flutters with subtle melodic variations that add an intensely vivid intricacy and personality to “Who’s Watching Who?”, creating a sound that is truly unique to Ida Maree. Amongst the lush arrangement, the lyrics provide an additional aspect of beauty to “Who’s Watching Who?”, as they draw attention to the detriments of the image-focused, social media obsessed society we live in. But more-so than that, they highlight the importance of faith, and the healing that can come from it:

“You are who He says you are

God is watching over you

As the world is watching on

Who’s watching who?”

In a stirring moment of fresh new harmony and waves of swirling background vocals, the bridge re-colors the lyrics by pulling back the arrangement and letting the words wash over listeners. With a final, resounding chorus, the song ends with a powerful echo of the striking title line: “Who’s Watching Who?”

With her dynamic, vivid voice and intricately colorful arrangement, Ida Maree has created a truly captivating song. “Who’s Watching Who?” is a compelling, necessary reminder of how deeply the world influences us, resonating with the beauty that can be found within faith.

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About Ida Maree Australian artist Ida Maree has had quite a musical journey. From the clubs of the Gold Coast to the theatres of Sydney, and into Black Gospel Churches of Melbourne, Houston, DC, Birmingham, LA, her travels and singing have encompassed the true path of a musician searching for truth in her life. While in Nashville, Ida came into contact with Grammy nominated producer Billy Smiley (WhiteHeart, Johnny Cash, Steven Curtis Chapman, Petra, Sandi Patty), and they formed a writing and production partnership. Bringing her new album Chapter 2 to the forefront of music in 2021 is the culminating effort of all of Ida’s hard work. The Album will be available on all platforms on Shadowland Records. Smiley said, “Working with Ida has been a complete joy and effortless endeavor to create the music we both love and envisioned for this project. Her attention to detail and to the musical grooves and melody is amazing!”

With Smiley coming from Detroit carrying the sounds of Motown and Stevie Wonder in his soul, he brought in a great cast of young musicians and engineers who are shaping the Nashville landscape; like Australian Jared Kneale on drums (Kacey Musgraves, Ben Rector, Hunter Hayes), Akil Thompson on bass (Little Big Town), Blair Masters on Keyboards (Garth Brooks, Peter Frampton), and Jonathan Crone on guitars and programming. Mixed by Billy Whittington (Amy Grant, Be Be and Ce Ce Winans, and Michael W Smith) and Jonathan Crone, the project has come full circle to a national release. Along with gospel singers Larysa Jaye, Dwanna Hughes, and Martrell Harris, they have come up with an incredible moving body of work not often heard in the marketplace; one that is both fresh, musically compelling, and yet with a special sense of power and vulnerability all rolled into this slim and vivacious Australian artist named Ida Maree.

For more information on Ida Maree, please visit her website.


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