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Heather O'Neill - Glass Delusion

Heather O'Neill is a singer-songwriter who relishes roads off the beaten path and a life lived outside boxes. Her music reflects her edgy, free and creative spirit. If you are in a dreamy, thinky, unorthodox headspace , Heather O'Neill is an artists you will enjoy. A great way to get to know her unique musical offering is to listen to her song, "Glass Delusion."

"Glass Delusion" commences with guitar, bass, and drums. The guitar is bright along with crisp drums and fluid bass lines. Heather's vocals start immediately for an unusual, ear-catching entrance that doesn't require an introduction. She sings, "Hey you / it’s a low / it’ll go / Air of truth / It’s a blow I know / Oh my, my so sick and tired." Her voice is filled with duality: soft and strong, intense and laid-back, dreamy and straight forward.

As the song progresses, it is clear that Heather colors outside the lines, both musically and lyrically. The chorus appears differently at the end of each verse. After two verses, there is a haunting vocal section where Heather sings on syllables. A line that really stands out is "Oh love / Oh love / Between your machine / Woven in the wire / Glowing citrine / The world is on fire." The songs ends with one word, "I" which feels open-ended and up for interpretation. Does the "I" signify strength and self-acknowledgement? Or is it the beginning of a sentence that simply can't be completed - an incomplete soul or a soul that is complete and needs no further explanation? Or is it an awakening to one's self and the ability to take the next step? The song's layers of interpretation are for the listener to discover and decide.

The term "Glass Delusion" is a real psychiatric disorder that was initially recorded in Europe mainly in the late Middle Ages, but can be found in later time periods. People literally feared that they were made of glass and therefore likely to shatter into pieces. Heather's song explores the fragility of our perceptions and the strength to overcome our fears.

In "Glass Delusion" Heather O'Neill gives us a well-conceived song that floats through your consciousness with dreamy vocals and an engaging arrangement. With an intelligent text that draws upon perception and reality, fear and courage, fragility and strength, Heather shows that she is a brilliant lyricist who can keep you on the edge of your seat. "Glass Delusion" shatters the boundaries and boxes of music with dreamy originality.

Listen to Heather O'Neill on Spotify and SoundCloud.


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