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Groovebirds (feat. Tracy J) - 'Speak'

The Groovebirds,founded by Tracy J, are an American songwriter and recording group who perform original lyric-based alternative/soft rock compositions. The Groovebirds have released three albums and one EP since they began their musical journey in 2014, and their music has been featured on radio and television programs in the UK, Australia, and the United States. Off their album, To The North, the single "Speak" is a great way to get acquainted with Tracy's talent as a singer and songwriter.

The song "Speak" opens with large, reverb-filled chords on the downbeat. Each chord makes it's own statement. Mid-range guitar riffs hover as heavy drum rolls mark the intro paving the entrance of Tracy J's vocals. "Time beings to spin. Where do I, Where do I being?" Tracy J's voice is mysterious and warm.

Tracy J is on lead vocals, acoustic guitar, and bass; Rod Coleman plays drums; Bill Barnett is on electric and baritone guitars. The soft-rock arrangement develops with acoustic guitar picking and light strumming. The overall music vibe has an early 70's influence with a slightly groovy and psychedelic sound created by special effects. The instrumentation feels soft, dreamlike and haunting.

Speak" is about a lost youth due to sexual abuse. Although the song does not disclose this, you can hear it and feel it. Images come into focus that tell the story. Time is spinning and the past is gone, but the legacy of abuse haunts the air. There is an unspoken secret that is hiding inside. This is a tale that is carried in the wind, spreading far and wide from the inner corners of the soul to all the lives it touches. When one child is hurt, the community never recovers.

"Speak" by the Grovebirds is a well-performed and well-conceived song that washes over you like the wind Tracy J sings about. The melancholy melodies and poetic lyrics float in the air carrying the songs secret into your ears and your heart where it will remain for a very long time.

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