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Grafted Culture - "Tin Roof"

Review by Abby Kenna

“Tin Roof” by Grafted Culture is a rare find. The unique duo’s versatile sound belongs in a film score, their music thick with tension and artful expression.

The song opens with a curious and inviting melody plucked out on a twangy stringed instrument, bright and full of kaleidoscopic sound. An ominous low tone erupts into the mix, vibrating with strength like a bow being dragged across the lowest note of a cello. The guttural note is both jarring and igniting, slowly giving way to a softer guitar melody, but leaving behind the electricity of its energy. Booming percussion sounds sporadically throughout this new accompaniment, echoing throughout the background of the track’s wide soundscape, and Grafted Culture invites listeners into the otherworldly realm of “Tin Roof”.

The duo’s vocals are enchantingly alien, full of articulate sounds and vivid colors. They tell a story within just the delivery of their lyrics - sometimes chanting rhythmically, and other times stacking harmonies high in soaring cries. Grafted Culture uses their voices as another set of instruments, layering these murmuring hums and floating melodies to build the expressive arrangement. This dynamic vocal style is striking and narrative, painting an intriguing picture even without the full translation of the lyrics.

Using such a broad and exploratory palette of sounds, Grafted Culture has tapped into a mystical musical world unheard of before. They have fully leaned into the ethereal nature of their writing, utilizing unconventional instruments to incite new emotions within “Tin Roof”. Their imaginative arranging skills and vocal styles unfurl a dramatic tale sure to captivate listeners, introducing them to Grafted Culture’s unique and alluring sound.

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About Grafted Culture

As Grafted Culture continues the journey down life's winding path, the music travels with them and gives a voice to the experiences. When the two sisters, Gabriëlle and Michaëlle come face to face with life's adventures, hardships, and hidden secrets, they look to find a way to capture it all in their music. Having traveled and lived in many diverse cultures, they have applied the musical gifts that they received from those cultures into their sound. With the musical influences of bamboo pipes in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, the Dutch Folk music of their native home, the Blues, Rock and Jazz discovered in the United States, and the many other hidden languages they have discovered in music all around the globe, they have tried to incorporate it all in their tales. The young ladies are quickly gaining recognition as their unique harmonies create magical chemistry on stage and their gentle natures are enjoyed offstage.

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