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Envi Babi V.O.F. - 'Equality'

Review by D, Deprè & Staff

“Equality” is an incredibly poignant song that thrives in its grungy and industrial sounding tones. So powerful to begin the song with an excerpt of the prolific Martin Luther King reminding us of this amazing man but also reminding us how we are still fighting for these same issues that he spoke about then. The world needs more songs like this, songs that aren’t afraid to touch upon the issues that so many are so eager to brush under the rug. “Out of sight, out of mind” as they say, and songs like this keep the issues in our sight, in our mind, right where they should be.

The lyrics are unafraid and pack a punch. Kicking the track off with the excerpt from Martin Luther King’s famous speech helps set the serious tone and sets up ENVI BABI’s lyrics to further examine the failings of our modern society. Her lyrics have such natural flow to them, she utilizes the different syllable lengths of words to create phrases that are so much fun to rap along with because of the rhythm they create.

“Once upon a time being black was a crime, a woman couldn’t vote let alone speak her mind, segregated education taught our nations how to be racist, now our hearts and souls are tainted filled with hatred”. Perhaps the most plaintive and truthful line of the lyrics; “But the truth of the matter is if you don’t live a lie, the Bill of Rights, don’t apply no, don’t apply don’t apply at all”.

The arrangement is decidedly minimalistic, but it works so very well here. Beginning the song is a really buoyant and complex guitar riff that repeats throughout the whole song. It creates an emotional and bubbly core for the song, while the electronic percussion brings the dirtier and heavier vibe to fit the tragedy and frustration of the lyrics. These few instruments and soundscapes create a fantastic foundation for ENVI BABI’s very chill and languid rapping style. Her voice is calm, yet still has such a vibrating confidence to it that really makes you listen and pay attention. “Equality” is a truly impactful song that is both catchy and challenging, forcing the listener to reflect on the many injustices that happen every day. Which is something we all need to be doing every single day.

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About Envi Babi V.O.F.

I am a writer, singer-songwriter, community/human rights activist, minister, life coach, designer, motivational speaker, artist, producer, and lyrist. I wear as many hats as the Lord gives me to fulfill my purpose. I specialize in living, learning, growing, and teaching others how to love and be loved. At the age of 12, I lost four of my closest family members, three of which the 3 pillars of my family. My mother, nephew (that was more like a son) to me, my best friend/Grandmother, and older cousin Calvin Wesley a Dj at the local radio station who went by Dj. Alize all within months of each other in the year 2000; this took a tremendous toll on me. I found myself struggling psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. I have always had a passion for art and writing, no matter in what form it came I was a natural. My cousin DJ Alize was one of my biggest supporters always encouraging me to go harder, read more, learn more. Do not just rap and write but do it with a purpose in mind. I never forgot that lesson and I apply it to not just my music and writing. but I incorporate it into my life itself. After a car accident in 2008, living with a purpose meant more to me than ever. I am not telling you this because I want you to feel sorry for me, I am giving my testimonials. My pain and suffering made me strong enough to not only overcome my trials and tribulations, but I was blessed with enough strength to help the next lost or confused soul on their journey of life and enlightenment. By not giving up on tomorrow, I found God yesterday. I do not see competition but rather the opportunities to work together to fulfill our purposes by working together for a better tomorrow and future for those we leave behind. I will use all my skills and abilities God has gifted me with like my writing skills to help change the world for the better and bring awareness to the world with my conscious music, controversial designs from my clothing and shoe collection “Anointed Designer” a Registered Trademark of Live Learn Grow To Teach LLC. a Christian based brand also owned and operated by yours truly.

Here at LLGTT, you are more than just shopping, you are shopping with a purpose. You are more than just a giver; you are a doer as well! You are what we like to call "DO-GIVER's" 50 percent of our proceeds go back to Charitable causes, non-profits, Children’s hospitals, families in need, the disabled, Veterans. with every step displaying our logo you will remind the world to Live Learn Grow To Teach others how to Love and be Love through Christ. Not only are you stepping out looking cool, but you are also helping the world change for the better. WE ARE ALL OF GOD’S PEOPLE. We welcome all walks of life, creed, and colors.

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