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Endo Collinz - 'Save Me'

Reviewed by Vai Thomas

The key to great songwriting and production is selecting the right genre and sound, whether it's rock, jazz, pop, EDM, or another, that complements one's lyrical theme. This might sound easy, but writing a hit is very difficult. Achieving this goal demands a wealth of creativity, distinctive instrumental arrangements and, most importantly, an element of newness that lingers with the audience long after the music ends. These crucial elements and more are vividly on display in the latest single by Endo Collinz, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from Curacao. His track 'Save Me' masterfully showcases an engaging and memorable musical experience for listeners.. "Save Me," composed in the key of F# minor, skillfully merges the realms of trap and pop, while infusing a hint of R&B—a seemingly unconventional choice considering the song's theme of unrequited love and vulnerability. However, this genre selection proves to be a brilliant decision as the song unfolds.

The brilliance of "Save Me" emerges right from the beginning, as ambient vocal textures seamlessly blend, creating an enticing atmosphere. Collinz's vocals, rich with raw emotion and unwavering strength, guide us through a journey deep into the heart. The impeccably mixed 808 kick punctuates the song at precisely the right moments, resonating with the soul, especially in synergy with the fiery lyrics. Lines like "Been here many times, hit and quit it, so will you be my final night, or will I hit rewind" carry an intense emotional charge that adds to the song's impact.

Collinz and his team have masterfully tapped into a burgeoning trend that blends sub frequencies—using sub-bass to give the melodic topline an ethereal and spiritual dimension—with themes laden with tenderness, raw emotion, and trap elements.

The instrumentation is impeccably rendered and minimalistic, centered around the 808 kick, snare, sub bass, and a pad, with the vocals covering the majority of the frequency spectrum. This minimalist approach is complemented by a three-chord progression that creates a simple yet powerful work of art. The choice of key, F# minor, further enhances the emotional impact, with only select notes from the natural minor scale used to reinforce the lyrical themes.

The meticulous mixing also deserves significant praise. The song features a heavy vocal performance and frequency spectrum, yet each element has its own distinct space to shine without overshadowing the others. The result is an immersive experience that transports the listener to a parallel universe filled with dynamic variations and emotional depth.

With a runtime of three minutes and eighteen seconds, "Save Me" stands as a triumphant addition to the hip-hop/trap genre—a fiery showcase of raw emotion and artistic prowess and makes Endo Collinz an artist to watch.


About Endo Collinz

Endo Collinz, a 26-year-old artist hailing from the tranquil Caribbean island of Curacao, embarked on his musical journey at the tender age of 5, when his father, the leader of an Orchestra and Big Band on the island, gifted him a trumpet. Remarkably, by the age of 8, he had already begun taking center stage, even performing for the Queen of Holland. His talents extended to local musical productions like Les Miserables and Into the Woods.

Upon completing high school, Endo embarked on his professional artist career, gracing numerous local clubs and bars with his captivating performances. As his artistic journey evolved, he delved into songwriting, production, and live renditions of his original compositions. This evolution eventually led him to make the bold leap to Los Angeles, a move motivated by his desire to further hone his craft.

Endo Collinz's music is a captivating fusion of pop, trap, and R&B, infused with vibrant splashes of Latin and Caribbean influences. His unique blend of genres offers a fresh and dynamic musical experience.


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