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Emyna the Rock Queen - "What Will You Do?"

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Rock singer, songwriter and guitarist Emyna the Rock Queen is breaking all the rules in an industry that is often male dominated. Born in Houston Texas, Emyna started music early being the only daughter of a music teacher, and grew up to become an opening act for Grammy Award winners Chaka Khan and as a performer with members of the multi-platinum Def Leppard. She has been recognized by the Billboard Song Contest and placed 2nd in the international 100% Music Song for her  single “Rise” and "Reach For the Sky." The Rock Queen has graced stages through out the world performing in India, Australia, US, and the UK. Emyna is the founder of two outreach programs, Woman Who Rock for Kids and Legacy in Sound, a one woman historical show of women in Rock & Roll.  She has also launched an eco-friendly line of clothing called Rock Queen Wear and started her own record label, Starshine International Records. Emyna the Rock Queen is determined to leave her mark not only in the music industry, but also in her community. Her song, "What Will You Do" is an example of her impressive impact.

“What Will You Do,” is an empowering rock song by Emyna The Rock Queen. Distorted guitar drives the pressed beat along with Emyna's vibrant vocals and the fiery electric guitar and heavy bass. After the bridge, a crisp, clean and downright vicious guitar solo adds verity and energy to the song. Production by Stuart Epps serves as a showcase for Emyna’s musicality and slick vocals. And, kudos to the stellar lineup of musicians and their dynamic sound:

Lead Guitar - Anthony Campo

Electric Guitar - Chris Voysey

Drums - Russ Wilson

Shaun Lowe - Keyboards & Engineer

Believe in your power, and you will go far. All you have to do is get out of your own way. This is the message delivered in the catchy chorus that keeps your blood pumping with punchy distorted guitar lines and a booming rock beat—Emyna's dynamic vocals giving the song edge, power and vitality. In the break, a robust electric guitar solo adds kinetic energy. Her flow and arrangement in “What Will You Do” has electricity in the guitar solo and sweet riffs during the chorus. Emyna attacks the catchy chorus with her powerhouse vocals, singing:

“What will you do, when you see your friends don’t really care? What will you do, when time is running out and your still in doubt? What will you do when you can’t stop thinking of the love you lost? Get out of your way, believe in yourself. Live all your dreams and be strong.”

A rocker through and through, Emyna the Rock Queen, with her rebellious attitude and burning talent, has a signature sound that emulates modern rock combined with 70's and 80's anthem rock. Her vocals resonate like a Rock Goddess over the song's tight rhythm section and killer guitar riffs.

“What Will Do”, with its intense and electric sound, will keep you on your feet and wake up your spirit. The Rock Queen is a lively and highly creative musician who conveys an impactful and empowering message that fulfills her promise to leave a mark.

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