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EmmRose - 'Tonight'

Review by Ionas Finser Emmrose is a sixteen year old singer-songwriter living in New York City who combines pop, indie rock, and alternative music along with poetic lyrics and music that will leave your awe-struck. Her debut EP Hopeless Romantics was released March 20th, 2020. Emmrose is a Secret Road artist for sync licensing. Her latest single, "Tonight," is a great way to fall in love with this artist.

Strained string textures commence “Tonight”, providing an intriguing foreshadowing for the dramatic, emotional song to come. Emmrose’s voice enters above an arpeggiated progression, betraying the melodic delicacy of Billie Eilish and the harmonic movement of Adele.

Throughout “Tonight”, we are treated to the artist’s genius sense of melodic syncopation, as well as a chilling mix bursting with textural and structural surprises.

Lyrically, Emmrose takes us on a journey through the fleeting arc of love: from falling in love, to romance, to moving on. The artist captures a wonderfully vivid picture of the emotional nuances present in any given moment, with a metric flow that would make one think that her words descended straight from heaven.

“Maybe it’s just this is all too much, Is this even happening, Your touch is evaporating, Can you repeat what you said again?”

This song will make your jaw drop to the floor around every turn. Sung from a place of true musical intelligence, Emmrose shows her listeners how to observe overwhelming beauty in the accumulation of subtle motions and harmonic movements. With lyrics, performance, and production in mind, I feel perfectly comfortable calling this song a masterpiece.

For more information, please visit Emmrose's website or Bandcamp page

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