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Emilia Walaisk - “Irreplaceable”

Review By Emilia Walasik & Staff

“Irreplaceable” by Emilia Walasik is an empowering message of hope, told through a beautifully evocative song. The delicate arrangement and compelling lyrics dive into the truth of love, and the light that can be found within it.

“Irreplaceable” begins with the softest touch of piano, the high, resonating notes twinkling in the space of the mix. There’s an air of melancholy within the light melodies, yet as they build and echo, the piano takes on a quiet joy. Emilia Walasik’s voice compliments this delicacy with her warm tone, the belief in her delivery filling her words with a rich burst of hopeful energy. By isolating just the piano and vocals for the introduction to “Irreplaceable", the emotion within the lyrics flourishes:

“And true love is hard to find You can lose everything if you don't give anything this time

But I still believe

that love's not in vain…”

The chorus explodes with a lush flare of spirit as new instruments layer in to mirror the intensity of the lyrics. A rhythmic guitar adds an element of percussion with bright strumming and melodic licks coloring the arrangement. Beneath the sunny guitar, the piano still hums, striking full, resounding chords that counter the shimmering notes of the verses, giving the chorus new life. A booming drum laden with reverb adds the finishing touch of fervor to the chorus, transforming the softness of “Irreplaceable” into resilience and hope. Walasik’s voice glistens with this vivid energy, lightly mirrored with harmonies as she builds emotion. The passion in her words is tangible as she sings:

“Silver and gold can't begin to

Give me what I get through your presence

Your love and your care

Your words and your touch

Forever irreplaceable…”

“Irreplaceable” is blooming with layers of emotion, the careful arrangement of instruments telling their own story of love and faith alongside the poetic lyricism. Emilia Walasik fully embraces her message of healing and encouragement within “Irreplaceable”, and listeners are sure to resonate with the journey of the song. Listen on Spotify!


About Emilia Walaisk

Emilia Walasik is Contemporary Christian Singer-Songwriter and Catholic worship leader from Chicago. She started singing as a child and began singing at church when she was just six years old. During her high school and college years, she discovered her love for songwriting and composing music. She has lead worship and performed both nationally and internationally. Throughout her musical career, Emilia has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life. Performing at a variety of venues, making dozens of appearances, all the while recording new songs, she has earned the admiration and affection of many, serving as both an inspiration and role model.

Several of her major performances include: In 2006 she sang for Pope Benedict XVI at the Vatican, and she was selected as a performer for the World Youth Day international gatherings with Pope Francis in Poland (2016) and in Panama (2019). Emilia earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music from Dominican University and a Master of Music degree along with studies in the music business from the University of Miami. Additionally, she received a Master's degree in Theology to complement her work in ministry. Aside from music, Emilia is a disability advocate for individuals with disabilities like her brother who was born with Down Syndrome. She is a trained public speaker for the National Association for Down Syndrome and in 2010 received the President's Volunteer Service Award from President Barack Obama. In January of 2019 Emilia released her debut Christian/Gospel album "Authentic" and she will be releasing her second album in July 2021.


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