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Edie Yvonne - 'Eyes of Lies'

Review by Abby Kenna

“Eyes of Lies” is a dark pop-lover’s dream. A synth motif buzzes over echoing, reverb-laden chords, creating an ominous atmosphere from the first note. Edie Yvonne’s vocals complete the alluring introduction, spanning haunting melodies full of colorful chromaticism. Layers of soaring vocals create caverns within the sound, highlighting both Yvonne’s incredible voice and the emotional vibrancy of “Eyes of Lies”;

Her nonchalant, composed vocal delivery adds an extra stab of frustration to the lyrics, displaying just how drained she is over this situation:

“Empty promises, shallow words / You never even heard me / Same old stories, same old fallacies / As if I hadn’t spoken at all…"

Edie Yvonne cleverly supports her song’s message in more ways than just the lyrics. Her arrangement is deliberate, masterfully traversing the emotional highs and lows of the story with instrumental motifs to bring the entire piece together.

While the narrator of “Eyes of Lies” experiences moments of isolation, emptiness, and loneliness, listeners get to feel this through the production. In moments where just a low, blunt bass treks along the bottom of the electronic drum beat, we get to share in the cold the narrator is describing. Similarly, when the vocals layer into the stratosphere, filling every far-reaching corner of the soundscape with melodies, we experience the isolation of feeling small in a huge, frightening world. Although lyrics give us a concrete storyline to reference, Edie Yvonne’s arrangement provides us with the emotional depth to truly embrace “Eyes of Lies” as listeners.

“Tears as weapons… sweet to sour, true to false…”

Invoking the gloom of dark pop icons like Billie Eillish, bolstered by her own luminous arrangement and vocal splendor, Edie Yvonne’s “Eyes of Lies” is a vivid and essential listen, a testimony to this rising talent's staying power.


About Edie Yvonne

Edie Yvonne is a 14 year old singer-songwriter. She recently released her debut single entitled With the Light. Eyes of Lies will be available on all platforms on new years day.

Edie is also an actress and has starred in several short films including Kitty, Lola Girl Got A Gun and At Ease.


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