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Dovley - 'Be About It'

By Sylvie Marie & Staff

Dovley’s “Be About It” is an upbeat, club-ready dance track that will uplift you with an infectious groove that is sure to get your body moving.

Ambient “whooshes” open the track accompanied by kick-snare driven drums that become the pulse of the 4/4 beat. Soon, a funky bass line drops and you are entranced by glitchy vocals adding to the build of energy.

As Dovley's vocals enter for the first verse, the instrumental cuts out putting the spotlight on her smooth radio-ready voice as she sings,

“You know that you are, more than this could be, and day by day you wait, for some change, to leave”

Once she hits the pre-chorus, the instrumentals break back into that addicting groove as she drives the song with catchy pop vocals. Through each section of the song, the instrumental arrangement switches up, adding new synths or creating engaging build ups into big drops that are always highlighted by Dovley’s pristine vocal performance.

For anyone looking for an energetic song you can dance to and relate to - this one is for you. Dovley has hit her stride with her affirming and contagious song, "Be About It"

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About Dovley

Originally from Boston Massachusetts, Dovley grew up as a skilled pianist and vocalist and developed her skills into music production and sound engineering. In her early teens, she relocated to Los Angeles where she took inspiration from LA’s underground electronic music scene and combined it with her love for live instrumentation and heartfelt vocals to release an EP that peaked no. 2 on the Billboard dance sales charts underneath another moniker.

Expanding her skillset, Dovley shifted focus to her acting career in order to star, write and produce numerous Television and Film projects including, “Fashion Dolls”, “Touch” and “Festival Season”, a scripted comedy series inspired by her experiences in the music festival industry.

Now a seasoned artist, performer and deejay, Dovley his gearing up to release her latest single “Be about it”, a powerful dance track that pays homage to 90’s house music and gives rhythm to empowerment. "Be about it" follows the release of her third single "Ricochet” and her two other singles, “Prism” and “Everywhere” which has already gained over 600,000 streams. With international anticipation accumulating, Dovley is gearing up for the release of her genre-melting debut album “Beautiful Chaos”(Fall 2020).

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