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DLabie - 'From the Bottom Up'

Review by Abby Kenna

Opening with the roar of a live crowd, the bright energy of DLabie is already tangible from the moment “From the Bottom Up” begins. A drum machine lays down a rolling beat, establishing the song’s laid back groove. Overtop of the drum machine, an organ plucks out a riff before beginning the chord progression.

Low in the depths of the track, a deep bass mimics the movement of the organ, doubling the striking sound. This choice of lead instrument sets DLabie’s production style apart from other hip-hop tracks, giving it an interesting edge of prog-rock influences. Drawing from 70s rock bands like The Doors or Deep Purple and infusing it with 90s hip-hop flair gives “From the Bottom Up” a unique sound.

“Tell the youngun's they’re out of luck / run down or running up, sundown and sun up / they’re trynna one up…

As the song touches on topics of upward mobility and life’s challenges, the arrangement swells in response. The chorus features a tidal wave of background vocals that echo the age-old question: “What’s goin’ on?”. A simple yet heavy statement, these lyrics are accentuated by a percussive, almost glassy synth and airy chords that ring out beneath the melody.

Although “From the Bottom Up” delves into inspirational themes, DLabie’s lyrics have a tongue-in-cheek tone that keep the song casual and universal sending the message that people have the right to a better life and upward mobility.

‘Walk 8 miles in my shoes, wipe your Nike’s on the rug”

The engaging intersection of genres and inviting local tone of “From the Bottom Up” keep the song fresh and bursting with energy. DLabie’s upcoming release with True Vibe Records is one to look out for – an original take on modern hip-hop.


About DLabrie the E.O.G. (East Oakland's Greatest) aka "Mr. Network"

Bay Area hip-hop star DLabrie the E.O.G. (East Oakland's Greatest) aka "Mr. Network," a member of Hip Hop Congress who often tours the U.S., Asia, and beyond, is one of many gifted artists that True Vibe Records is proud to work with. He has performed in the same shows along with The Roots, KRS--1, Alkaholiks, Keak da Sneak, Cellski, Planet Asia, Blackalicious, Serendipity Project, Living Legends, Radio Active, Aceyalone, Hieroglyphics, and more.

"From the Bottom Up" (the Hip Hop Lyrical Version) will be released as a single in 2023 before it is later released as the lead track on True Vibe Records' upcoming 12-track album with the same title.

For more information on DLabrie, please visit this True Vibe Records.


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