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DJ MC Tom - 'I'll Be Me'

Review by Abby Kenna

“I’ll Be Me” is a relatable take on heavy social issues. DJ MC Tom utilizes clever arrangement techniques to create an approachable and catchy modern hip-hop track.

A bright and buoyant loop lays the foundation for “I’ll Be Me”, setting the song’s tone. Twinkling in the high end, a keyboard dances along pleasant melodies and lively chords. Contrasting the lightness and whimsicality of the piano, the drum set adds a steadiness to the arrangement, driving the song forward musically. Finally, a muted bass guitar twists its way in the midst of the composition, contributing to the unique groove of “I’ll Be Me”. The bass is colorful in its rhythmic accentuation, giving the song an added engaging element.

Lilting above this solid symphony of instruments is a female feature, who sings the chorus to this hip-hop tune. She sings with a confident casualness – so nonchalant in her waterfall runs and vivid tone.

“Yeah I’m different in this society, but you do you and I’ll be me… you do you and I’ll be free.”

The vocal demeanor of the female vocalist flawlessly fits the breezy nature of “I’ll Be Me”, the lyrical content of which delves into prevalent social issues, yet never seems to affect the brightness of the song itself. In just five minutes, DJ MC Tom touches on Covid-19, celebrity scandals, racial injustices, media chaos, and more. But he doesn’t just cycle through these topics like an offhand list of breaking news, but rather a crash course history lesson of the past few years. It’s as if he takes our worldview, zooms out, and allows listeners to really digest the weight of our current societal issues with a new perspective. Combined with his tongue-in-cheek lyricism with lyrics like, “same shit, different toilet”, DJ MC Tom has created a simultaneously casual and influential song.

A bold and vibrant concoction of emotive vocals, cheeky lyrics, and a sunny arrangement, “I’ll Be Me” is a rare find. While you can hear the smile in DJ MC Tom’s voice, you are also able to embrace the vast significance of his words.


More About DJ MC Tom

DJ MC Tom' s music contains party records, conscience lyrics, and freestyle rap production with solid beats and tons of bottom tracks, unique and original in sound. Melodies in verse develop as well-conceived arrangements yield movement and contrast from section to section supporting visual lyrics. For more information on DJ MC Tom, visit his website.


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