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Divinity Mychael - 'Scar'

“Scar” from Divinity Mychael is a great record to introduce you to her stellar sound. The song commences with swelling electronic ambiance, a deep bass, and a crisp beat on 1 and 2 with a clap on 3 for a track that offers a a nice laid-back groove you can move to.

At the center of the production, wavy, tune-bent synths lay out the chord progression that gives the track a unique sound. Accompanied by super punchy drums, the beat immediately catches the attention of listeners.

When Divinity’s vocals join the track, everything comes together creating a hit sound that is ready for today’s radio while also having a unique vibe that makes Divinity stand out. Her vocals are light and pure and blend seamlessly into the track. Divinity's vocal performance is confident and polished. The track picks up energy with a deep staccato sub-bass that accentuates the kick and Divinity’s vocal phrasing becomes more intricate.

As the song progresses, Divinity sings with ease as she expresses her story about actions speaking louder than words. In this song a damaged man can't manage love. "You gonna hug em', love em', then drag them right through the dirt." In Scar, the biggest heartbreak is when you break your own heart by going against what your gut is telling you.

"You tried to tell me you're not the one, but I don't believe it. 'Cause your actions still speak louder than your words."

In "Scar," Divinity Mychael shows her star power through modern radio-ready songwriting, excellent vocals and a well-produced, catchy track. She is an artist who can easily stand toe-to-toe with today's chart toppers and "Scar" is a hit.

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About Divinity Mychael

Divinity Mychael is a young American vocalist on the rise who aims to be the next major entertainer of this generation. Originally born in Virginia Beach, VA she migrated to Atlanta, Ga in her early years. Divinity began singing at the age of 3 in church and made her way to the music industry by the young age of 14. Today, Divinity (meaning God Like) is driven by purpose and passion to become one of the greatest entertainers to hit the stage, and she is well on her way with undeniable talent. Her debut single is titled "Scar" and it is sure to leave it's mark.

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