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Byrdy - 'Dissipate'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Dissipate” is a dark and gothic force of nature that will have your head banging from start to finish. There is a wonderful balance here between the light and airy sections with the piano, and the hard rocking distorted guitars and heavy drums. I was caught off guard when the guitars came blasting in but immediately, I was rocking out to the tight rhythm shared by the guitars and drummer. The atmosphere of this song is truly epic with a strong sense of emotion at its core.

Lyrically, singer Robyn White is singing about the deep level of frustration experienced when in a one-sided relationship. The lyrics are so vivid in their description yet vague enough to allow the listener to relate to them in their own unique way. The lyrics pull from this idea of vanishing over time. Robyn white’s lyrics use this to create relatable metaphors that are expressive and poetic. “And I can’t keep running down this road, chasing after clouds, the closer I get, the further I fall, then dissipate.” Often when we are so in love with someone, we lose a sense of ourselves. The more we chase them, the more we start to disappear.

The song begins with a really beautiful piano and guitar duet that are so well balanced they almost sound as if they are one instrument. Their unified sound creates a very pad-like texture that is ambient and atmospheric. The bridge of the song features a very grand guitar solo that once again is wonderfully balanced with the piano. While the piano plays a consistent rhythm of arpeggios, the guitar is bending slowly and hitting dissonant harmonies that contrast with the pianos more angelic-like nature.

Robyn White’s vocals are commanding and powerful, you can just see fire surrounding her on stage as she belts out those epic vocal lines. The harmonies add a really nice layer to the vocals as well, creating tension and release. “Dissipate” is a heavy rocking track that packs a punch and leaves you with a lot to think about.

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About Byrdy

Byrdy is a female fronted rock/metal band based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada. Haunting vocals and melodic piano mixed with heavy guitars creates the sound for this group. Collectively the members have had several years of writing and performing their music around Toronto but just as this young band was getting started the pandemic hit. They decided to work on writing music, producing and recording their first singles with anticipating the release of their first record by the end of the year.

For more information about Byrdy, please visit their website.


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