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Dina Layzis and Artem Tenkeli - 'Call It Love'

Reviewed by Tempestas Ink

If one were listening to “Call It Love” on YouTube, he or she would probably have left a comment that was along the lines of “Man, that song would qualify as a Bond theme!” And that commenter would probably be correct. And if indeed it were a Bond theme, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to imagine that it would have had a good run at the major award ceremonies one can name. Of course, the song was influenced not so much by Bond, as by the difficult events of the past two years we’ve all been through and the theme of mental well-being. These common binding factors effectively manage to strike a chord at the heart of the listener.

Superbly mixed, “Call It Love” is a cinematic ode rendered by Dina Layzis and Artem Tenkeli. The melancholic piano sounds darkly apt and is an effective glue binding all the elements in a coherent manner. The distant-sounding drum sounds work like an Adelesque-charm. And the powerful vocals, rendered by Dina Layzis, leave a mark upon the listener long after they have listened to the entire song.

The lush low notes of the verse (which goes as low as the F# beneath the middle C) are rendered with the same brilliance as the mighty high notes of the chorus – Contrast the rendition of “A Broken Heart is all I know, why is it even beating” to the rendition of “You’re all I need and more”. The variance in expression, dynamic, and tone truly stands out. The key change from G minor to G# minor and the lyrics themselves are well-written (sample this line: “Look at me, I’m only pretending, I feel it in my heart & in my blood”). And the final chorus caps-off things in a climactic manner.

Special praise must be reserved for the mix-engineering. The reverbs sound simply superb, with the wetness and distance sounding at all the right spots, and the dryness well-centered at the proper junctures.

Overall, “Call It Love” is a supreme compilation of structured crescendos and decrescendos, a cinematic lament spearheaded by the versatile Dina. It may follow the conventional “2 verse-1 chorus and 1 bridge” structure, yet Dina and Artem manage to make it sound like something new and powerful, and yet simultaneously dark and hopeful.


About Dina and Artem

Dina and Artem’s journey as brilliant artists began after accidentally coming across each other through an Instagram ad that Dina had launched. The first part of 2021 became a turning point for both of them. Like many musicians who were not spared by the harsh effects of the pandemic, both were eagerly looking for ways to fulfill their dreams despite all that was happening.

Music has been Dina’s companion ever since she was born. She is a connoisseur of music, having learned and developed her styles and knowledge of the different cultures. The music she creates is the marriage of her deep passion and creativity. Dina has worked and recorded with Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe-nominated songwriters and producers such as Jud Friedman.

Artem Tenkeli, another brilliant composer and songwriter, was born in a small polar village. His family had no musicians; however, classical music was respected and played. As a result, music made a significant impact on Artem’s life. He would often feel the emotions and shed tears before he understood them.

“There are feelings and thoughts that cannot be expressed in words,” says the soulful artist. “This is because words can distort the meaning of what is meant. Only music can convey the subtle, hidden movements of the soul, freedom, and delicate emotions. Music allows us to understand and feel that every living creature on the planet is connected. It is the language of our souls.”

An informal writing session over WhatsApp became a beautiful collaboration that crosses continents and all odds. It felt like a giant blank canvas was being painted as the two worked together to create beautiful musical art. Dina and Artem’s brilliant music sounds fresh and unique. Instead of doing something that has been done before, they push themselves to create a kind of music that penetrates deeper into the human heart and mind.


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