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Deanna DeMola - 'Next Generation'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

A rush of electrifying sounds wash over you in Deanna DeMola’s new song, “Next Generation.” The deep bass beat comes in with soft reverbed strings and ambient celestial sound effects. As the beat bass drops, the plush lead vocals layer over harmonic strings and angelic background vocals. Producer and co-writer Jimmy Greco incorporates these stellar symphonic and electronic effects, on the strings and vocals, to create an ethereal and magnetic pop sound.

Lyricist and vocalist Deanna DeMola wrote “Next Generation” to inspire generation Z to use their voice to change the world for the future generations. The time is now to start a revolution, to revise and reshape this whirlwind of a world.

Each verse is a declaration of standing up and making a change with our ideas, our voices, and our actions. Deanna sings with outstanding expression. She has a pop voice you won't forget, along with a message that is ripe for our times:

“We’re free we’re the next generation,

The Music is our salvation,

We’re gonna give it all, cause we are all we got now.

Right now we give it all,

We’re free we’re the next generation,

The Music is our salvation,

We’re gonna give it all, cause we are all we got now.

Right now we give it all.”

“Next Generation” is an anthem for change and an encouragement to raise your voice. Deanna DeMola is an innovative pop artist who has the rare combination of vulnerability and strength. With superior symphonic production and electronic ambient sounds, DeMola's ethereal vocals shine as Greco's polished and vivacious production mesmerizes, “Next Generation” is revolutionary - this could be Deanna DeMola's breakout song. Major labels - take note.

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About Deanna DeMola

Deanna DeMola is a Singer/Songwriter from Long Island whose lyrics and music invoke an alternative pop style. Influenced by Billie Eilish, Paramore, Halsey, her songs address personal and social challenges that have a very broad appeal and that she has had to overcome in order to maintain her strength and attain her goals. A few years ago, Deanna began to struggle with depression and anxiety. She felt lost and hopeless, but eventually she found solace in singing and playing music. Music gave her a voice to share her emotions and experiences. Currently, Deanna has finished working in the studio with Songwriter and Producer Jimmy Greco (Carlos Santana / Paramore / Jennifer Lopez / Train) on her debut EP, Under Construction. It includes six heartfelt original songs that represent her journey as an artist. 

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