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Darja - 'Thinking About You'

Hailing from Riga, Latvia and raised in Germany and the UK, Darja is a multilingual singer/songwriter and actress. She has lived in 5 countries and speaks 4 languages. Darja appeared on Germany’s Popstars in 2001 and ITV’s Pop Idol, Season 2 in the UK. After her Popstars performance, Darja started working on a solo career with Producer Tony Coutura. She was offered a record deal by East West Records (owned by Warner Brothers), but opted to pursue International Relations at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Sciences. Darja also received a degree from the prestigious Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC. Darja has built a significant following and has performed at prestigious venues including Toshi’s Living Room, the RAW Showcase, the Royale Club in Boston, Le Nationale in Montreal, The Plaza Hotel for New York Fashion Week, The Times Hotel in NYC and most recently The Sheraton Hotel for New York Fashion Week. Darja's new song, Darja's single, "Thinking About You,' is a great way to get acquainted with her dynamic talent and mass appeal. "Thinking About You" starts with groovy ambience and finger-snapping on 2 and 4. Against the track's upbeat intro, one can hear the song's lead vocal line drenched in effects, giving off a an under-water sound that grabs your attention. With a quick swirl and drop, Darja's vocals commence against solid chords. "Can we beat the odds? 'Cause there's not, nothing else I need." Her dreamy and sultry vocals are the perfect mix of pop and contemporary R & B.

As the song moves forward, listeners are treated to very well-conceived production work that keeps your ears locked in at every turn. Produced and co-written by Alvin Anthon with, additional production by Carlos Restrepov and Luis Abril of Kaballier Music, every inch of this song's pristine mix was attended to. Spectacular fills, color and EDM textures keep you captivated. And if your not hooked to your headphones, those EDM elements will get you out on the dance-floor. The build to the pre-chorus and into the catchy chorus pops.

"There's a reason why I'm solo

'cause I can't let you go,

If I let you see my soul,

Oh you know it, know it

After 1, after 2, after 3 Give me love. You're reaching in the dark

so I let myself fall.

been thinking about you."

"Thinking About You" is a song about love and the doubt that settles in when you think about your differences. The song describes wanting to be with someone while wondering if the relationship can last or if you are just too opposite to stay together.

The music video to "Thinking About You' was directed and edited by Gaudens Martin Zulu, Featuring cinematography by Snyder Derival (Jadakiss ft. Neyo, Justine Skye, Lotto ft. 50 Cent) and choreography by Ana Kisin. Darja's performance is mesmerizing.

"Thinking About You" feels like summer and sounds like it too. Both the artist and the track are hot with talent. With an exceptionally produced and performed song. Darja certainly has the "it" factor in terms of her superior vocal accessibility. With a great production and writing team to back her, there is no doubt that Darja can continue to make waves on the international music scene.

Listen on Spotify.

For more information on Darja, please visit her website.


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