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Creature Benny - 'The Devil's Due'

While conducting a Google search for "rebellious music," I came across some expected examples, ranging from classics like "My Generation" by The Who from 1965 to more recent tracks like "Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit from 2023. However, I noticed some common characteristics in these examples. They all seemed to share a similar time period (mostly from the latter half of the 20th century) and genre – predominantly rock and hip-hop with an alternative sonic quality.

One reason behind these shared traits is that rebellious music often features songwriting with a bold and confrontational attitude, perfectly matching relevant and contemporary lyrical themes. This attitude is perhaps more pronounced in this genre than in others, which is why having a distinct arrangement is crucial to complement the lyrical content. These aspects are very much evident in the latest daring single by avant-garde artist Creature Benny, titled 'The Devil’s Due,' hailing from Los Angeles.

Written in the key of E, ‘The Devil’s Due,’ part of Benny’s 20-track album titled ‘Tales Most Wretched, Vol. 2’, is precisely what it set out to be – romping, uproarious, and spiritedly unruly, to the point of exuberant. Lyrically themed upon one’s subsequent exploits upon taking a deviant path before it got too late (hence the title), "The Devil’s Due" boasts a blues-infused rock arrangement punctuated with menacing growls vocalized at the right lyrical junctures and, above all, a delightfully effortless play with tempo and meter, progressing with each verse in direct proportion to its sheer intensity. To begin with, the slow 6/8 riff, upon the distorted guitar sounds, make no bones about setting the tone - it means business with what’s to come. And then Benny’s vocals – raw and polished at once, and with a bluesy grunge timbre, take over and go on to exhibit a profound graph in terms of dynamic and emotional variations, with an underlying but ever intensely-increasing intensity in vocal rendition. The drum sound, in particular, is most creatively utilized and mixed, rendering its output as smothered, which, given the lyrical expressions, works surprisingly well, without dipping in its energy levels. And by the second verse, with the uptick in meter and tempo, the song is rendered with exactly that sort of vigor that indicates ‘no turning back now’, rendering lyrics such as “Everyone relaxed and smiling, healthy flush up on their face, but society was crumbling…our dark love potion pact to blame” with verve that is at once feisty and brutally honest.

The arrangement with its unique blend of rock and blues, mixed to sound with a timbre that sounds ‘campfire’ or ‘garage’ but nevertheless with a no-hard-feelings with the lead vocals. is what works in the case of this number. Not to mention, the twist in the tale in terms of the lyrics at the end which makes for some very interesting pondering and digesting for the lay listener.

At a duration of three minutes and forty-two seconds, "The Devil’s Due" is one hell of an addition to the “rebellious music” of our times. It is scandalous, energetic, passionate, and contentiously emotive, rendering a relatable story with an indie flavor that aims to heighten intensity in terms of the genre’s sonic abilities. And Benny has achieved that with vigor!


About Creature Benny

Creature Benny, an avant-garde project hailing from Los Angeles, is the brainchild of Benton Oliver, a seasoned music industry professional. In his managerial role, Benton assists artists, bands, and producers, helping artists navigate their careers. His extensive experience also includes collaboration with prominent live music organizations such as the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, Preservation Hall, and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra. Creature Benny's music has garnered widespread acclaim from both fans and critics. The project is known for its incisive and thought-provoking social commentary, delivered through a distinctive blend of DIY ethos, punk sensibilities, and a relatable, everyman approach.


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