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Cho Colette - 'Hope'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

"Hope" opens with sound of morning traffic and nature awakening, birds are chirping and a soft wind is heard; listeners can hear the awakening of life and feel a sense that the world is still moving forward.

Straight forward piano chords, finger snapping, and hand drums produce a disjunct beat as if to say...things are not back to normal yet. Cho Colette enters singing, "Hope is a funny thing. It can give you everything. Don't be afraid to wear it out or to cry out as loud as you need 'cuz sometimes that's all we got." Her voice is dreamy, chill and reflective.

Moving forward, the song goes into a spoken word section. Here the musical landscape evens out with simple piano arpeggiation. Speaking softly, Cho Colette expresses the anxiety that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought upon the world through her own personal story of grief and loss. Her lyrics paint a story that unfolds with genuine honesty.

"So many people have been affected by this disaster. My eyes see my physical body, and it's okay for now, but my paranoid mind still wonders. It whirls and twirls the fear around that I'll catch it, and my diabetes will cause me to suffer."

The song goes on in this spoken word fashion until the end, part journal and part poetry, unfolding the emotions of one woman's experience of losing people who she loved to Covid-19.

"Hope, You know, I still do. That one day it won't hurt to miss you, but I always will. Your friendship meant the world to me. I still have the bracelet you gave me, promise, I'll wear it out. It really did, it meant the world."

In "Hope", Cho Colette emerges as a poet and spoken word artist. She is a lyricist who vividly captures the raw emotion of her life experiences by observing the world around and within her. In the end, her message is uplifting as she promotes unity. "We all need to hope to get out of this together. Someone lost is just a number, unless you know them. By supporting each other we can get out of this mayhem." In "Hope', Cho Colette's powerful journal-like prose comes from the heart and beats to a unique, chill sound that will mesmerize you.

About Cho Colette

Cho Colette is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who puts her heart on her musical sleeve. She produces her own music and enjoy collaborating with other artists. collaborate with. Based in Somerville, MA, Cho Colette produces music in various languages, including English, Turkish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, and Hebrew. She works in multiple genres and has been characterized, by Google, as "alternative indie."


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