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Chesca - "Crocodile Tears"

Review by Abby Kenna

“Crocodile Tears” by Chesca feels like a summer night driving through the city with all the windows down. Its vivid textures and emotive vocals burst with a bold, bright message of self-love in both its lyrics and arrangement.

One of the most artful aspects of “Crocodile Tears” is the depth of atmosphere that Chesca creates with her instrumentals and arrangement. Rich, booming sub-bass sets a foundation for the track, filling the low end and driving the song forward. Layers of twinkling synths soar in the high end, complimenting the warm bass with their whimsical tones. These contrasting textures create an expansive soundscape full of excitement, color, and confidence. Even without the bold lyrics, listeners can embrace the sentiment of “Crocodile Tears” simply from the vivid arrangement.

Chesca’s vocals and lyricism additionally bolster the feeling and message of “Crocodile Tears”. Her unique vocal delivery is reminiscent of early Lady Gaga, with its rich, low quality, and contagiously confident tone. Set against the shimmering synths and soaring arrangement, Chesca’s voice stands out with daring boldness, which perfectly fits the attitude of “Crocodile Tears”.

“Crocodile Tears,” tells the story of someone left behind, a relationship torn apart without a second thought. But instead of a self-deprecating narrative, Chesca sings with tenacity, repeating,

“Do as you please, just don’t bring me back your crocodile tears”.

She assures that the person who left her will regret everything they abandoned, poised and determined in her self-worth.

“And if you wanna walk away like that…

Who am I to control you?

But just know that I won’t be where you left us

So take a good look at what you got…”

In the modern music industry that is so undeniably over-saturated with heartwrenching breakup songs, “Crocodile Tears” is a breath of fresh air. Chesca infuses her vocal tone with spirit and color and creates a wildly fulfilling soundscape in her arrangement, making “Crocodile Tears” a unique, necessary new pop hit.


About Chesca

The new album artfully blends hard-hitting themes of struggle and breakthrough with ultra-infectious neo soul and dance energy. For Chesca, who lived and performed in NYC for a handful of years before a recent move to the Bay Area, it represents the power of songwriting as therapy and purpose after dealing with the debilitating effects of vertigo and other private issues. The 10 track collection was produced in Los Angeles by Alex Arias, whose superstar credits as an engineer include Cher, Joe Cocker, Meat Loaf, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas and The Band Perry.

The release of Feel The Breeze is a culmination of a three-year journey of creative breakthrough that began when Chesca – a longtime Spanish teacher who earned a Bachelor’s (Colgate University) and Master’s (Hunter College) in Spanish Literature and Teaching– started performing at intimate nightclubs and other venues in NYC. Before the pandemic, she performed for enthusiastic audiences at Bowery Electric, Parkside Lounge, Electric Room, and The Bitter End. Her earliest performances coincided with writing her earliest singles.

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