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Chelsea Blues - 'Hoping for the Best'

Jazz and soul singer-songwriter, Chelsea Blues is an artist who you do not want to miss. She infuses the freestyle and scat styles of Ella Fitzgerald and Bobby McFerrin and the lyricism and vocal performance of Lauyrn HillErykah Badu, and Amy Winehouse to create her own unique sound and style. Hailing from The Bahamas, and now based in London, Chelsea Blues is known for her live freestyle and spoken word performances. Her song, "Hoping for the Best" is a great way to get acquainted with her sublime talent.

'Hoping for the Best' is not your ordinary track. To start, a series of jazzy, syncopated 7th chords, built on colorful harmonic structures, open the song. After a short breath, a punchy sub-bass mimicking an upright enters along with a tight old-school hip-hop beat. Off the bat, this combination of new and old school is very appealing. There's something fresh, yet familiar that draws you in. An upbeat finger-snapping groove is established, and it's addictive. Throughout the song, the arrangement features sections that fade in and out of a lo-fi filter that provide a hip dynamic as the arrangement ebbs and flows.

Chelsea enters on the first verse singing, "Can you feel the connection. I’m in love with a new dimension." Chelsea's compelling vocal performance is soulful, warm and inviting. Later in the song, vocal effects are used for additional texture. "Talks of Cancerian vibes on those Summer nights."

The catchy chorus is highly memorable as Chelsea repeats the phrase, "Hoping for the best, I feel blessed." The track stays engaging with short rhythmic stops and well-conceived background vocals.

"Hoping for the Best" is about seeing the sunshine through the clouds by keeping your joy and truth close to your heart. In these times, "Hoping for the Best" is a song you can turn to to stay optimistic by remembering your blessings and, at the same time you can get lost in it's soulful sounds.

Chelsea Blues is an extraordinary singer and songwriter. Her stellar performance on "Hoping for the Best" showcases her ability to evoke positive vibes with artistic and subtle nuance. She is a true artist who offers music that has substance in both the composition and lyrics. If you are looking for music that pleases the discerning ear while appealing to the heart, look no further and add Chelsea Blues to your playlist.

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