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Chantell Alexi - ' Don't Know What I'd Do'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Guitars twang and slide on the opening of Chantell Alexi's latest single, "Don't Know What I'd Do." While a country-grooving bass line struts along, light percussion keeps a clapping beat on 2 and 4. The slide guitar is highly melodic giving listeners a hint of the catchy hook that is just around the corner.

Chantell enters on the first verse unfolding a story of love and resiliency. "I rose above the torments', my own private abuse. Just took all of the heartache as a bittersweet muse." Chantell's voice is warm and down-to-earth. Her singing brings you to a place that is as comfortable as home in the country.

Nice vocal inflection and expression gives hints at Chantell's past experience with other genres as she offers up just the right amount of bluesy soulfulness to keep you coming back for more. Ears stand at full attention as she sings, "Lord have mercy on my soul, if I ever let you go," Well-conceived and performed background vocals and harmonies, in an upper register, add a nice contrast to Chantell's rich voice.

As the song moves forward, the short hook is dropped and it is simply contagious. "No, I don't know what I'd do, if I ever lost you." Easy to sing-along, highly memorable and downright catchy, Chantell shows that she is an accomplished songwriter who knows how to write a great hook that you won't soon forget.

Mid-way, a bridge with tuneful "ooooo's" moves nicely into an instrumental interlude that keeps the song jamming. A tasty guitar solo followed by bluesy humming is the icing on this country number.

"Don't Know What I'd Do" explores what real relationships are built on - tenacity. Even with all the trials and tribulations, at the end of the day, still choosing to be with the one you love is what it's all about.

Chantell Alexi's "Don't Know What I'd Do" has all the makings of a hit country song. From the classic guitar twang to the tight bluesy groove and hand-clapping rhythm, and from Chantell's natural vocals to her sassy lyrics, topped with an outstanding hook that sounds like it was waiting to be born, "Don't Know What I'd Do" is chart-worthy and fantastic.

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About Chantell Alexi

Chantell Alexi has been singing since 2002. As an accomplished singer, she received early training with various vocal coaches and explored many styles including contemporary, classical and blues. At the core of her music, is a strong lyrical sensibility that was developed from a young age.

In her early career, Chantell fronted several rock bands and a blues duo, but by 2012, she found her voice in country music and released the album, Road To Redemption along with three successful music videos. In 2016, her second solo album Leather Holster (written and recorded with guitarist David J Bull) was released.

That same year, she signed with CS Management, run by Cameron Syrett, and in 2018, she landed her single on the Australian Country Radio Charts and was nominated for an Award for "Lucky Girl", co-written with Allan Caswell.

After performing 'Lucky Girl' at the Southern Stars Country Music Awards night in Mildura, she released a second, and very emotional, single off the same album, "She Lives Through Me" (co-written Linda Mizzi). Her third solo album Forever Changed, was pre-released in late 2019 with an official release for 2020. Her latest single, "Don't Know What I'd Do'" was released, June 2020.


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