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Chakra Bleu - 'We Shall Overcome'

“We Shall Overcome” by Chakra Bleu is a lively and inspiring reggae, pop-rock song with a message of peace, love, and unity. The 70's reggae-rock vibe has mass appeal as it is both nostalgic and hip. The vocals have a rebel edge reminiscent of a speaker during a peace march inspiring the crowd. Chakra's powerful and provoking performance blend impressively with the rhythm section.

Chakra refines the message even more within the instrumentation as the trumpet embellishes the melody, and the drums lead the beat swiftly during the breakdown. The musicanship of John Billings, bass and engineer; Brice Foster, drums; Ronnie Godfrey on keys; Paul Allen, lead guitar; and Scott Ducaj, on the trumpet is passionate and masterful.

Chakra’s “We Shall Overcome” is an empowering and uplifting song of peace. The message of freedom and justice for the environment and people resonates throughout the lyrics and melody. In the second verse after the first chorus, she sings, “Freedom shall rule-no more brutality, the integrity of justice won’t be swayed, our love will open the eyes of the color blind, dignity for all across the lines.” To have freedom we must express love and understand that we share the world with others.

Chakra Blue's message is enlightening, and her desire to write and share music about social and environmental issues shows introspection and empathy for others and the world. Change is necessary and Chakra sings this message fervently. Her interpretation and understanding of world issues is clear as she looks beyond superficial tropes to genuine human connection and love.


About Chakra Bleu

Chart topping, Nashville artist, Chakra Bleu has been granted many awards throughout her career, including the “Arena Award. This award has been given to recipients such as Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire and is granted to artists who have contributed an inspiring presence in their community.

Chakra's music captures a fusion between genres such as Reggae, Americana, Pop-Rock and R&B. Bleu’s songs have been played across the US and Europe on Top 40, Country, A/C and AAA radio. She has also

been in the spotlight of many showcases such as the Bluebird Cafe and BMI.

Chakra Bleu has released nine albums to date. All of her albums have had enormous success. Off her 7th album, the single "All of Me" charted #2 on the Top 40 as well as #1 on the Indie Top 40, holding for five weeks then onto #7 on the Top 100. The second single, "The Shadow," went to #4 on (NMW) Top 40. Off her 6th CD ‘Souvenir,’ five singles simultaneously bedazzled the charts.

For more information, please visit Chakra Bleu's website.

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