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Cenza - 'Thriving'

Review Written by Victoria Scott

Cenza (pronounced chen-za) is a pop singer, songwriter, and producer from Red Bank, NJ. She is also a critically acclaimed actress known as Emily Keefe. As a classically trained piano player and a self taught guitarist, Cenza brings a unique flavor that combines the structure of classical music with the free spirit of pop. In her song, "Thriving'', Cenza empowers your soul.

The introduction to 'Thriving' comes in with massive electronic effects, synth melody, heavy bass, and a beat that hits you in your chest. Starting with this sonic landscape, Cenza speaks through a telephone; she is having a conversation with someone. Then the beat drops in, and the melody and heavy beat introduce Cenza's electrifying vocals. The production by Cenza, Michael Abiuseo, and Jay-Elle is pristine. Lush electronic bass, strings, and killer guitar add immense vitality. J.D. Moon mastered the track allowing for Cenza's incredible vocal performance to reach it's maximum intensity. The arrangement has multiple layers of instrumentation to keep your ears locked in while Cenza's smooth and radiant vocals build gradually.

"I don't know why You don't think I'm thriving Oh I'm thriving No I'm thriving So you're dying oh"

Cenza wrote “Thriving” to empower others to feel confident in who they are and to express their true selves without apology. The takeaway is to never be sorry for being your unique and powerful self. Cenza’s vocals dominate as she exclaims her truth with a confident attitude and honest expression creating an impactful message. If you can’t handle her personality and her power, then you have two choices; you can either rise to her level or go.

“You think I need to take some time. Think I'll never find a land without my king. Such a silly thing I'm excessive I'm obsessive I know. You think I'm too much, oh. Get on my level or go Get on my level or go.”

Cenza is truly an exciting artist who doesn’t shy from expressing herself. Her song, "Thriving", lives up to it's title as she showcases her thriving talent. Cenza is electrifying in both sound and lyrics, and “Thriving” is an example of her creative genius, artistic musicality, and ability to inspire.

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