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Cenza - 'City Lights'

Born and raised in Red Bank, NJ, Cenza (chen-za) is an NYC pop singer, songwriter and co-producer who offers an unforgettable music experience. As a classically trained piano player and a self taught guitarist, Cenza brings a unique flavor of structure and freedom to her music. In addition to music, Cenza is also a critically acclaimed actress who goes by the name Emily Keefe. In her song, "City Lights,' Cenza's performance lights up the night.

The track to "City Lights" starts off with ambient flourishes on the keys set to a whooshing pulse and light percussive beats on 2 and 4. With some electronic vocalese added in for an edgy pop-flavor, the intro swirls into the first verse and at the drop of the beat, an addictive groove is created.

Cenza sings the first verse with dreamy vocals. Singing the melodic lines, Cenza's voice has a pristine quality that shimmers. She showcases a very wide vocal range hitting impressive high notes that float carefree above the mix. Cascading background vocals add a nice touch to the catchy melodies. "When he doesn't call When he doesn't say the things you need When he doesn't know When he doesn't show When he doesn't do the things he said he would."

Lyrically, the song's universal lyrics will resonate with everyone who has experienced a lover whose words don't equate with their actions. Instead of letting the disappointment bring you down, the story becomes an anthem for living life to the fullest as Cenza sings about going out and experiencing all the city (and life) has to offer. The songs upbeat energy perfectly fits the story of the lyrics.

Throughout the track, the ear is treated to a variety of percussive sounds and EDM textures yielding a vibrant musical landscape that captures the essence of youth and a night out on the town.

In "City Lights," Cenza captures the magic of breaking free from your bonds and choosing to go out and enjoy the city lights. With a truly mesmerizing vocal performance and radio-ready production, "City Lights" turns on a lively vibe and keeps it lit from beginning to end. Set to an energizing groove that you can't get enough of, "City Lights" provides a big dose of self-assurance and feel-good vibes that you can sing along with, dance to, or walk the city streets to.

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