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Caroline - 'Unsteady'

Review by Pat Joseph & Staff

“Unsteady” floats like a feather in the wind but contains a serious gravity that gradually freezes listeners in their tracks. There is a dreamlike quality to this song. The angelic lead guitar lines interact beautifully with a consistent acoustic strumming pattern. Piano floats in and out of this song at choice moments, supporting the harmonic rhythm and adding a layer of depth. A synth patch pads out harmony throughout the tune, giving breath to the chord progression and creating a sensitive sound over which Lusk can sing.

Lyrically, “Unsteady” is chalk full of personal disclosure. “I’m wandering like a gypsy with a heart unbound If you get on my path I’m gonna take you out.” Lusk offers self-reflection and confessions with a beautiful delivery. Her breathy vocals serve these personal lyrics well. “Cuz I’m, I’m not ready, Will you wait, will you wait for me” Lusk’s delivery is honest and raw, giving the song a pointed, vulnerable feeling. “I know that I’m the only one to blame…I’m so unsteady.” A resolution to truth and ownership of the situation mixes bittersweetly with the music.

“Unsteady” demonstrates arrangement brilliance. The percussion track is nicely layered, with shaker and tambourine carrying the verses and a cajon adding rhythmic support during choruses. Mallet percussion adds character to the music and contributes melodic lines that further shape the sonic landscape. The overall sound of the instruments captures the emotional mood of the song perfectly. Lusk delivers a powerful vocal performance in a whisper-like package. This is definitely a song that will stick with you.


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