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Caroline Keller Band - 'Wagon Home'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Sylvie Marie

Caroline Keller Band will take you on the road and back home again in their country song "Wagon Home." Scott Spruill, an acoustic guitarist, tantalizes the melody, which introduces Caroline’s warm and wonderful vocals. Caroline sings about a group of friends who grew up together, went to college ( or stayed in town), then settled down. That is everyone, but Caroline who grew up to be a traveling musician bringing her stories on the road. The rhythm section with John Christenbury (bassist); Clint Presley (electric guitarist), and Dan Lint (drummer) is in the pocket with an energetic and tight country groove. After the first verse, Scott comes in backing up Caroline on vocals with his deep husky voice. Producer Dan Hood and engineer Chris Garges, from the Old House Studio, dive deep to cultivate the passion and magic of being on the road. Each harmonic progression, drum riff, and country chunking strum on the guitar is perfectly mixed leaving space for Caroline's earth-kissed vocals.

A journey on the road always has obstacles, but sometimes those obstacles are worth it. The road less traveled is priceless when you're with people you care about, doing something you love. "Wagon Home" is about that massive surge of joy you feel when you're touring on the road, performing on stage, and offering your songs. Home is the band, the music, and the audience. Like the song says:

“It’s late night country radio A couple hundred miles to go A moment comes and stops me in my tracks I can’t believe I made it here All the struggles all the fears Their all things that keep me coming back It’s one night on the highway One last pick up show And I’ll point this wagon home.”

"Wagon Home", with it's bustling rhythm section and vibrant vocals, is a genuine downhome country song about life on the road told by magnificent musicians who have a natural talent for storytelling. Their performance reels you in with tight bass lines, bluegrassy guitar, and groovin' country-style drums, inviting you to clap, stomp, or sing-a-long - to be part of their story. Caroline Keller is at home doing what she loves - singing from the heart about her experiences.

For more information on the Caroline Keller Band, please visit her website.


About Caroline Keller Band

Caroline Keller Band are storytellers at heart. Timeless melodies and thoughtful, reverent lyrics draws the listener in and transports them to another time and place making each performance more of an experience. Caroline Keller Band say their main goal with their songwriting is to be “Authentic”. Authentic to themselves and authentic to their audience. Strong songwriting and musical prowess brings the songs to life whether it is in a small, intimate venue or on one of the many larger stages that the band has performed on during its career.

Caroline has been pursuing her dream of being a Country music artist from a very early age. She made a name for herself as a Country Gospel singer starting when she was sixteen. She recorded three albums and topped the Country Gospel charts, with four songs ranked in the top ten. Caroline wants to inspire. She’s a songwriter who understands that the hard parts of life — the parts that stick with you — can’t always be expressed with simple words. Sometimes, you have to put those words into a song. Caroline has paired with fellow songwriters and touring musicians Scott Spruill, John Christenbury and Clint Presley forming the "Caroline Keller Band."

The band, at its core, are four friends that have music running through their veins. They are adventurers, coffee drinkers, and lovers of traditional country music. Their sound has been described as "Traditional Country with an Americana flair". In the summer of 2016 they were invited to be a part of the Sunday night writers nights at the Bluebird café and have since been making quarterly appearances. They were awarded the 2017 Don Gibson Singer Songwriter Symposium award with their song "The Way It Goes" as well as 2019 Queen City Country Female Artist of the Year and 2018 Carolina Music Award Best Americana Band.


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