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Carol Martini - 'That Love'

Carol Martini is a prolific singer-songwriter who has a large catalog of catchy songs. Hailing from Orange County, California, her music feels like the sun shining on you. She has just released her 7th CD titled, The Art Of Singing While Drowning. This large project boasts 23 songs that reflect her eclectic style which covers multiple genres including rock, pop-rock, folk-rock with an edge, adult-contemporary. Carol performs throughout Southern California in coffee houses, small clubs, book and music stores. Her live shows feature acoustic guitar versions of her original songs as well as her warm rapport with audiences. A great way to get to know Carol's melodic genius is to check out her single, "That's Love."

"That's Love" commences with an upbeat, swinging sugar-pop-rock nostalgic vibe. The sound is created by syncopated muted guitars, light crisp drums, glorious harmonies, and the sweet and fun vocals of Carol Martini. The mix has a very nice bounciness and is reminiscent of days gone by - it's a sound that will put a smile on your face and have you snapping your fingers and dancing along. I could vision couples on the dance-floor swinging away to a big band - "That's Love" boasts a big, energetic and fun sound with great rhythmic articulations. The feel good vibes will sweep you off your feet.

"That's Love" showcases Carol's knack for writing catchy melodic content. The melody is instantly defined and highly addictive. From beginning to end, the song sparkles with crafty tunefulness that you can sing along to. Carol enters singing, "Didn't want to feel this way, but you left me no choice." There's plenty of "ooo's" and "ahh's" along with very well done vocal harmonies. The skillful vocal harmonies will remind you of a female group from the 1950's when great attention was paid to vocal harmony writing. Mid-way through a rocking guitar solo soars above the track.

"That's Love" is about falling in love and the full range of roller-coaster feelings that come with it - "the good with the bad", "the happy and the sad", "the black and the white" and "the day and the night". Carol uses a lot of contrast in her lyrics to show that love can be wild ride filled with exuberant and doubtful feelings! It's a fun song that is meant to say that it's okay to experience these normal feelings when it comes to love. In the end, the roots of love take hold, trust will come, and a mighty tree of love will grow.

Very well-composed, arranged and performed, Carol Martini is a unique singer-songwriter who borrows from the past to create a sound that is all her own. "That's Love" shines with contagious melodies, sweet pop vocals, and a fun, big band swing that is as exuberant as love itself.


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