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California - 'Through the Looking Glass'

Review by Abby Kenna

“Through the Looking Glass” by California is a nostalgic rock tune full of evocative lyrics and wistful instrumentals.

With a strong-willed electric guitar leading the track, there is a distinct likeness to 70s artists like Tom petty, John Cougar Mellencamp, and Bruce Springsteen. Each of these artists embrace a feeling of familiarity and homesickness for a memory, a feeling that California undeniably creates in “Through the Looking Glass”. The twinkling of a bright acoustic guitar and the booming of the reverb-laden drums further fortify this phenomena, landing California’s sound perfectly amongst these iconic artists.

The lyrics of “Through the Looking Glass” additionally contribute to the overall feel of the song. California is able to melt sentimentality, gratefulness, and awe into one vibrant, emanating emotion with descriptive imagery and lyricism:

“Stories told too fast so often that they seem so cold / at last, will I join her, or will I stay alone?”

There’s a poignancy to these words that evokes images of childhood long since past and memories faded at the edges. Yet, at the core, California’s lyrics are still sunny, full of warmth rather than a chill. Timeless in scope, they feel like they’re being sung by a family member of any generation, a grandfather, a father, a brother, and a friend, all at once, especially when the voices layer into a shimmering wall of sound.

“Can I move from places cast in stone?”

The chorus is the gem of “Through the Looking Glass”, wherein the array of emotions and instrumentals pool and overflow. Whereas the verses are careful to leave space for the story to unfold and the arrangement to build layer by layer, the chorus leaves no note unsung.

California crafts "Through the Looking Glass" with a golden tone, keeping their sound bright and deepening it with low harmonies and full-bodied guitars. Overall, “Through the Looking Glass” is an heirloom of a song, invoking a heartwarming sense of nostalgia and gratitude.


About California The group California, featuring Les Fradkin (Vocals, Piano, Mellotron, Guitars, Bass, Producer and Songwriter) as it’s founding Original Member and still leading the group to this day, were Laurie Records recording Artists in the 1970’s and 1980’s. California had several Hit Singles during that time period including “See You In September”, “Jeans On”,“Summer Fun Medley” and “He’s Almost You”. Other California highlights included an appearance on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand TV show singing “Summer Fun Medley” as well as a Top 50 UK Chart placing for “He’s Almost You”. In fact, in 2020, a California B-Side “Paris (1945)” roared to the top of the Dutch and EU Charts.

Now, California thunders back at RRO Entertainment with all new material. California returns with Les Fradkin - Vocals, Mellotron, Piano, Bass, Guitars, Ztar, Songwriter and Co-Production and Loretta Pieper Fradkin - Vocals, Songwriter and Co-Production. Les and Loretta have co authored numerous hits during 2022, including 8 consecutive #1 UK Indie Radio Chart hits for Les Fradkin as a Solo Artist, several #1 hits on Los Angeles, California Indie Radio as well as “Under The Covers” placing at #50 in the Billboard Media Base CHR Activator Chart. For 2022 release, California presents it’s brand new Original Hit Single “Perfect World”! and latest album, “California Loves For more information on California and to hear more great songs, visit them on Reverbnation.


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