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Bunny Blake - 'VIP Death Squad'

Bunny Blake is an old soul trapped in the body of a 20 something. Her name is inspired by The Twilight Zone, mirroring her many dimensions as an artist. Bunny’s genre reflects an amalgamation of pop,r&b , and soul. Bunny has performed at the Sundance Film Festival, Boulder International Film Festival, Durango Songwriters Expo, SXSW and CMJ Music Marathon. Her latest single is "VIP Death Squad." The song is sure to strike you.

"VIP Death Squad" combines pop, rock and electronica for a mesmerizing track that has both grit and groove. The track commences with an ominous, foreboding sound created by a deep bass line. Against the depth, the syncopated percussion pops and crackles.

The vocals drop as the drums switch to four-to-the-floor in common time. "If your here to vent then get inline. Everybody's got something their trying to hide. Money and shame, guilty and fame. Who do you think you are? Ain't no VIP's on the other side."

Throughout the track, various effects are utilized to texture Bunny's seductive vocals giving her a modern and edgy pop sound. As the track moves forward, the intensity builds to a startling moment when the trigger of a gun is pulled and discharged. "Bang." This significant clip seems to depict the moment when all truth is revealed - all the VIP free passes and accumulation of trophies won't get you admission to the other side. "All the sins you committed in the good old times. Taking a ride on someone else's dime."

"VIP Death Squad" is captivating. The song's thought-provoking lyrics, stellar production and exciting performance come straight at you with substance for your ears and mind. Bunny Blake is an intelligent and talented artist who commands our attention and earns every second of it.


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