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Brooke Reuss - 'Sometimes'

Review by Sylvie Abate & Staff

Brooke Reuss is singer/songwriter who a unique piano-based pop sound. Lyrically, her music focuses to political change, social commentary and heart wrenching personal impact stories. Brooke's clear and compelling voice connects listeners to her music's message. Brooke's forthcoming debut EP features songs which combine her experiences of events that have influenced and affected her life,

Written by Brooke Reuss and Australian Idol winner Damien Leith, "Sometimes" is a protest song about war that will move and melt your heart. The song was produced by Lee Bradshaw for Bradshaw Music Productions. Commencing with delicate melodic motifs shimmering above a chordal piano accompaniment with subtle production ambience, Brooke's gorgeous vocals takes center stage on the first verse, "Something’s got to give, it’s getting too much. The pain that I feel, enough is enough I don’t if it’s just me, but I, still remember there was a time When I knew in my heart it would be alright." Confident in her message, Brooke sings with a pure , warm and strong tone that never waivers.

As the some moves forward, the chorus blooms with extra arpeggios and percussive elements added to the arrangement which sways beautifully. You can almost picture people holding little lights and waiving them back and forth in the air. Matching the buildup, Brooke increases her dynamics showcasing a powerhouse talent:

"Sometimes it’s hard to breath, sometimes it’s hard to believe That on the other side of the world, bombs are falling from the sky While they’re praying for a better life tomorrow I wish that I could take the pain away"

The arrangement of "Sometimes" transitions seamlessly into an engaging bridge section where Brooke adds urgency to her call for change because time is running out. She sings that "there is no room to wait, when life is on the line." This heartfelt moment will bring tears to your eyes as Brooke sings about the loss of innocent life and the child who cries.

War has been a part of humanity's history for far too long. Brooke shares how war around the world effects each and every one of us. She calls for politicians, poets, and preachers to join her in opening their eyes and making a change. At it's core, "Sometimes" is a song about world peace.

Soaring background vocals bring it all home with a touch of gospel for a spiritual-pop vibe that is uplifting and powerful. The song ends on the chorus and the line, "I wish I could take the pain away.

Brooke Reuss is building a legacy by writing and performing music that seeks to make a difference in the world. With the artist's moral compass in hand, guided by love and light, "Sometimes" carry a poignant message about the devastating effect of war. Choosing to make the world a better place, Brooke Reuss uses her gorgeous voice and outstanding songwriting talent in a bold and refreshing way by putting her meaningful musical footsteps on a road less traveled that takes us to a far better place.


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