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Brielle Brown - "The Well"

Review by Abby Kenna

“The Well” by Brielle Brown is pure poetry in every aspect with its vivid figurative language and instrumental painting. Her intimate vocal delivery expresses the heart of the song with delicacy and is bound to enthrall listeners.

“The Well” opens with a tranquil soundscape of shimmering synths and cinematic strings. The sound seems to cascade with a velvety peacefulness, subtlety hardened by an edge of poignancy. The violins pluck a bright melody over the glossy accompaniment, adding a delicate, yet driving bit of rhythm. Brielle Brown’s voice enters, carrying the overarching tone of vulnerability that flourishes through The Well and her entire EP. While the instrumentation blossoms with cinematic swells and contrasting textures, Brown’s voice maintains a rawness that supports the poetically inquisitive nature of the lyrics. She sings as if she’s retelling a memory, both lost in thought and boldly observant in the way that she soars through the vivid imagery.

“Three birds on a wire,

And below the tree’s on fire

But they don’t feel the heat,

they’re too consumed with freedom…”

The chorus introduces an entirely new palette of emotions and sounds, exploding with a newfound fullness that bolsters the message of the section. Brown’s vulnerable voice resonates with a fierce, but not desperate intensity, bolstered by the sudden blast of emotion. Background vocals surround Brielle Brown’s lead, echoing the cyclical lyrics. Underneath the chorus of vocals, a bold bass moves with conviction, adding a richness and depth that contrasts the verses. This fresh orchestration of intertwining parts lifts the song to new heights, the build-up coloring each repetition of the chorus:

“Won’t be the last time you come to me…”

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this song is worth a million. Brielle Brown has composed a stunning display of emotion both within her inventively vibrant lyricism and cinematic arrangement. “The Well” is an artful and vulnerable experience, inviting listeners into the rest of the beautiful EP.

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About Brielle Brown

Brielle Brown is a songwriter, artist, and mentor based in the greater NYC area where she lives with her husband and her young twin children. Her recent single release “Concrete Stars” has been described as a “somber, solemn and reflective life meditation” and “gorgeously wrought,” conveying “palpable emotion, centered in Brielle Brown’s heart.” The song, which is an Americana winner in 2020’s International Songwriting Competition is part of a body of work, The Well EP, to be released June 4, 2021. The collection is an introspective journey weaving in thoughts on womanhood to motherhood, theories of quantum mechanics, consciousness, hope, grief. Most of the EP was recorded live in one day including most of the lead vocals.

Her soulful, contemplative writings have been featured on networks such as VH1, ESPN, ABC, CBS, and NBC and she is represented by licensing company Sweets and Pop music. She has spent the past decade focused on artist development, guiding singers and entertainers through the complex world of artistry. She and her husband, two-time Grammy winner Marc Swersky, run Monocentric Music, an indie record label and entertainment company, together from their home in Monmouth County NJ. In recent years she’s helped to develop many artists including two who have landed runner-up and finalist spots on NBC’s The Voice and she is the current Creative Director for multiple emerging artists. Her co-writes have garnered critical acclaim and over a half-million streams on Spotify.

“Nothing gives me more purpose than mentoring young artists. For me, the success of an artist is not measured in fortune or fame but rather in emotional contentment. I believe in nurturing the whole artist and I want each person I write with or develop to not only succeed professionally but to feel like they’re becoming more at ease in their body, mind, and soul every day."

Forever on a mission to master the balancing act of motherhood, "workinghood" and "artisthood," Brielle continues to build her creative network of female entrepreneurs and working mothers and has found empowerment and solace in this growing community.


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