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Bowman - 'Dust and Bone'

Songs that utilize a minimalist approach, in terms of the sheer number of notes assigned to the melody, are not always easy to complete. In fact, it's very difficult, despite their natural ability to retain themselves – even permanently – in the listener's mind. One has to package the melody with sheer creativity, in precisely the appropriate genre, justify the lyrics, and support just the right arrangement with top-notch (and catchy) instrumental performances to prop up the topline – to name a few essential traits. And with 'Dust and Bone' – Bowman's instantly foot-tapping new single – all the aforementioned traits are magnificently adhered to. Indeed, we see more than just traces of the country music-loving Philadelphia native, who has been surrounded by classic soul all his life, in the above-mentioned traits upon listening to 'Dust and Bone'. The song is essentially country-rock, fused with elements of folk, soul, and funk – in an effectively proportionate manner. Written in the key of G minor, the opening pentatonic riff – which drops at all the right spots – is arresting enough. And the bass does a stellar job of keeping up the energy, coherently amalgamating the instrumental elements while carving a niche for itself with its sumptuous timbre.

And the vocals themselves? Bowman very much manages to rise to the occasion with his peppiness and drive, aided by the well-penned lyrics – which on their own, the chorus in particular – may be evocative of pathos ('Can't Take It With You When You Go... Turns To Dust And Bone'). Here, however, it is rendered with precisely the right amount of light-heartedness to make it go hand in glove with melody and the genre. Another wonderful trait that the song has is that it is deliciously boisterous in terms of the vocal performance making the emotion easy to relate to. The song's lack of a bridge section was an artistic and creative decision as it doesn't mess with the perfect balance of the song. Not every contemporary song needs a bridge and with lines like "Caught between a rock and a roll, feeling like I sold my soul", there's enough engaging material and lyrics to keep listeners locked in. The genre in which the song has been arranged and performed is evocative and playful at the same time as the lyrics grapple with the notion of human mortality. In the end, 'Dust and Bone' is a well-mixed, superlative crowd-pleaser. It is always refreshing to hear songs with the above traits performed, even more so in the contemporary era. And Bowman has his listener glued right from the first note, down to the last, without letting the energy dwindle at any point. Well worth the three minutes and sixteen seconds, plus a second round!


About Bowman Take a listen to the music of "Bowman" and you'll immediately understand why he has shared the stage with major label acts like Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan, been interviewed by press from around the world, and entertained crowds of 40,000 at the South Carolina Music Fest. You may have even caught his videos on CMT. This Philadelphia native has revolutionized Country music with his fresh sound, incredible songs, and electrifying performances. Teaming up with producer Johnny Garcia, they have created a unique sound that has been described as Country with a touch of Soul and Funk.

You might wonder what a Philly Boy, surrounded by classic soul, knows about Country music, and it's a fair question. Jeremy has been a Country fan his whole life, growing up in a rural area of Pennsylvania where he was exposed to both Country music and the soulful hits coming out of Philadelphia. Bowman's latest single, "Dust and Bone," released on Reviver, showcases his talent. He is backed by a band of A-list musicians who have played with Country music royalty from Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire to Garth Brooks and many more. If you're a fan of modern Country music, I highly recommend checking out Bowman online today.

For fans of Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, and the soulful legends Hall & Oates.

For more information on Bowman, please visit his website.


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