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Boukou Groove - "Ain't No Lie"

Review by Dylan Lloyd

"Ain't No Lie" is a deeply groove-focused modern soul and funk song by the New Orleans band Boukou Groove. The drums and bass guitar sit right in the pocket of this song and play off of one another to create the overall rhythmic focus on this track. The harmonic movement created by the guitar and the electronic keyboards adds a lot to thicken up the sound on this track.

The lyrics of "Ain't No Lie" speak directly from a girl's heart. With lines like "Ain't no way I can spend another day without you in it" and "Girl I swear it ain't no lie, Baby I'm in love with you," the lyrics show the true love held for the girl. When they sing "You don't even have to try" it helps drive home the idea that the girl doesn't have to do anything different for the lyricist and singer to be in love with them. The lyrics of this song are smoothly sung with both passion and beautiful conviction.

This song displays very tasteful musicality by the band that is used to serve the meaning of the song and creates a vibe for the listener. Overall, this song is a pleasure to listen to, with rich tones created by the musicians and the singer. The drums and bass guitar lay down an excellent groundwork for the entire song. The vocal layering brings in new harmonies and spots of call and response as the song evolves. Not to mention, the elements of "ear candy" thrown in here and there throughout the song that are played by the guitar and keyboards.


About Boukou Groove

Boukou Groove, a trio, is a New Orleans funk, soul, and jam band. The sound intertwines, wailing vocals keyboards/Moog Bass, funk guitar and intensely pocket drumming. The band brings their brand of “New Orleans Soul Funk” to audiences along Florida’s Emerald Coast and New Orleans clubs like the Maple Leaf and Tipitinas, they have also appeared at numerous festivals and clubs nationwide, also completed two tours in Japan, performing to capacity crowds at the Live Magic! Festival, Blue Note in Tokyo and Shibui Music Series.

Their soulful chemistry has been distilled into their original releases: A LIL’ BOUKOU IN YOUR CUP (Album 2012), LET THE GROOVE RIDE (Album 2015), “Never Steal Our Thunder” Single (2019) , “Aint No Lie” Single (2022). with World class drummers ( including Alvin Ford Jr., Deven Trusclair, Jamison Ross ) have lit up audiences around the world.

A LIL’ BOUKOU IN YOUR CUP features special guests Sam Bush, the father of Newgrass, on mandolin, and Junior Marvin of Bob Marley’s Wailers on guitar. The song “Two To Tango” to date, has enjoyed 2+ million plays on Spotify. Boukou Groove frequently does collaborative shows with some of the top names in the live music scene, including, Ivan Neville, Big Sam Williams, George Porter Jr., Roosevelt Collier, Nigel Hall, Kabuki ( Rebirth Brass Band), Rockin Dopsie Jr. and Sam Bush.

The groove has continued with the band making their debut at the 50th New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, Currently, they are back in the studio working on a 3rd Full Original Album at Neptone Recording in Destin Fl.. In 2022, Boukou Groove, has teamed up with Loose Leaf Talent Agency - Max Hass, to bring their NOLA Soul Funk sound to music lovers across the county and beyond.


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