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Blake Rave - Albatross

Review by Vaibhav Thomas

Blake Rave's 'Albatross' effortlessly transports the listener into a realm of ethereal melodies coupled with emotive lyrics, creating a truly mesmerizing experience that leaves the listener feeling emotionally fulfilled. This song is a perfect blend of various genres (pop, rock, singer-songwriter), evoking a complex mix of emotions that are uniquely its own. The dreamy, singer-songwriter style of the music gently plants a seed in the listener's mind, which slowly takes root, eventually blossoming into a powerful emotional response. The way 'Albatross' seamlessly blends peppy charm with serene tranquility is a testament to Blake Rave's exceptional talent as a musician.

Written in the key of B flat major over a four-chord progression, ‘Albatross’ is primarily soft-rock, with a touch of pop-soul added in just the right proportion. ‘Albatross’ ponders upon whether one should get back with his former love, or get a move on in life (‘Around and around I go’, as the lyrics profoundly express.). The introductory melody on the electric guitar (mixed with precisely the right amount of distortion) sets things into motion with its contemplative touch. The arrangement and instrumentation are unique in themselves. Indeed, the lack of any low-end percussion works wonders, while at the same time not sounding too alternative to the ear.

The ever-active acoustic guitars in tandem with the lush-sounding strings never fail to keep the flow going. But it is Rave’s vocals – contemplative, crisp, and glassy – that inject soul so as to make a good song a truly memorable and great one. Another splendid creative decision has been to keep the melody tight in the vocal range. This draws the listener into the emotions of the song. The emotions are so well-conveyed and the lyrics are delivered with mindful precision. The lyrics themselves are well written and truly relatable (‘And I know he’s got another man but I still act like we stand a chance’) – straightforward, no-nonsense, and relatable. Just what the doctor ordered. And the versatile arrangement and the build-up towards the end have the right amount of variations of dynamics at all the right junctures. Never once does the song let down the listener at any stage.

Rendered at three minutes and forty-eight seconds, ‘Albatross’ is a wonderful addition to the dreamy, soft rock repertoire. It does a highly impressive job of mulling over a life-altering decision, and coming to a hardened choice, yet with calm and positivity. Precisely as the genre and arrangement were meant to serve.


About Blake Rave Blake Rave, a multitalented American-born singer, songwriter, and guitar player, has embarked on an inspiring journey of artistic metamorphosis. Leaving behind the stifling constraints of a conservative Midwest town, Rave has found creative freedom and authenticity in the flourishing embrace of London's diverse music scene.

Rave's impressive discography, which includes his album 'Dreams and Fears' and singles such as 'Albatross,' showcases his versatility and exceptional ability to break free from conventional genres. His fusion of disparate musical influences creates a sound that is both innovative and reminiscent, captivating listeners with his artistry of songwriting and mesmerizing melodies.

Apart from his musical talents, Rave has earned a distinguished reputation in London as an avid supporter of the arts and the LGBTQ+ community. Through his performances at intimate venues, Rave has created safe spaces for fellow artists and community members to celebrate their shared love of music.

As Rave prepares to release new music in 2023, his journey stands as a testament to the power of self-expression and artistic growth. To experience his compelling story and mesmerizing music, listeners can explore his discography on Spotify. Fans can look forward to his upcoming performances throughout Pride 2023 in London, and they can follow his social media accounts to secure tickets to his shows before they sell out.

For more information on Blake Rave, please visit his website.


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