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Bethan Wyn - "Get To Know You"

Review by Daniel Deprè

“Get To Know You” is a groovy, low-key feminist anthem that is rich with rhythmic flourishes and thoughtfully layered instrumentation. Anchored in a slowed down and relaxed pace, the song thrives in throwing fast-paced rhythms on top that are tight and vigorous. The song ditches the usual pop song structure and successfully manages to keep the same chord progression interesting from start to finish by adding variety within the arrangement. So many different sounds and instruments pop in and smoothly disappear, coming in and out like flashing lights. There is cool and relaxed energy to this song and it’s deeply infectious.

Lyrically, singer Bethan Wyn is reflecting on how some people in the dating scene like to take things really fast and just skip right ahead to the fun part. Bethan playfully acknowledges the fun of flirting in her lyrics, which have just the right amount of innuendo, while also standing her ground and insisting that she would prefer to take things slow.

“I like to go to town, may have some fooling around, but there’s one thing I know, I’d like to get to ya, I’d like to get to know ya boy”.

There is also such a cool and confident energy present in her lyrics that makes it feel good to sing along with.

“Don’t be racing to the finish line, check my pulse, it’s steady as a drum drum”

The arrangement sizzles and pops with nuance and subtlety. There is the classic rock band setup here but there is also a much more unique flavor that dances around the soundscape throughout the track. The into begins with an electric keyboard sound that is spacey enough without sounding too big or washed out. This acts as a perfect soft-core for the track while guitars, drums, bass guitar, background vocals, and synths add all kinds of shimmering embellishments and ornamentation. Bethan Wyn’s vocals are so silky smooth and it’s so amazing listening to how fast she sings sometimes all while still maintaining her sense of control and confidence. “Get To Know You” is a laid-back song that is undeniably cool and has a message that many people can relate to and appreciate.

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About Bethan Wyn

Bethan Wyn is a UK-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Originally from Solihull, her talent has already been showcased nationally and is rapidly growing with an inspiring international interest. Bethan's performances deliver on multiple levels, actively engaging with distinctive lyrics and a captivating tone. Consistently sharing a personalized approach with an emotive edge, Bethan Wyn has been likened to a selection of leading female artists, navigating without restraint and abundant. Openly inviting the listener into the experience, the industry is already poised for her breakthrough single, and ensuing releases throughout the year that will impact with a wave of emotion.

Classically trained but raised on vinyl, her persona exudes authentic integrity often lost in today's broad musical landscape. With a love of old school Blues, Soul, and Jazz the influences openly flow throughout her shows and recordings. Aiming to share a contemporary twist on classic melodies, the versatility of Bethan's vocals consistently shines through. Growing from her theatrical roots, and taking in her connection to the electronic music scene, she has harbored praise throughout her career as an adaptable chameleon with a consistent approach.

Recently we have witnessed the culmination of Bethan's unique musical compass, perfecting her self acclaimed 'Boujee Sound'. With the forthcoming debut single 'Get To Know You' you will be treated to a familiar yet refreshing vibe that emanates pure personality. The release upholds a versatile production that actively transcends genres with adept, hypnotic, and mellow set vocals, cohesively connected with an accessible commercial edge. Positioned in a class that's comparative to icons such as Stevie Nicks, Sade, and Kate Bush, with a touch of electronic, and provocative undertones. we expect major things for this artist.


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