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Beth Schafer - 'Another Wave'

Beth Schafer has been performing contemporary Jewish music for over 2 decades. Her songs are spiritual, anthemic, and social-action driven. Whether she's performing at a national gathering or playing an intimate service, Beth helps people find the spiritual soundtrack to their lives. She produced the URJ show "100 Years of Women in Reform Judaism" and was the co-founder of "Harmony in Unison", an online virtual stage bringing live music to its 14,000+ members. Beth is a sought-after guitarist and recording artist with 7 studio albums and multiple commissions to her credit. She lives in Atlanta and has a partner and two adult daughters who she’s crazy about. A great way to get acquainted with Schafer's music is to listen to her powerful song, "Another Wave."

"Another Wave", off the album No Time for Silence, opens with muted chords on each downbeat making a statement from the start. The song's musical landscape is created in the context of a 4/4 time signature. With a major drumbeat on the first beat of each measure, a march effect is felt with intense forward movement.

With just guitar and percussion at this point in the song, the rhythmic groove is quite strong and you will find yourself tapping your foot and clapping on that downbeat along with the track. This is a call to join in.

Beth enters singing, "There’s another wave of women opening their eyes. Another wave of women sweeping the land. There’s another wave of women compassionate and wise. Another wave of women joining hands." Beth's vocals are crystal clear and articulate as she begins to sing a story rich with herstory about women uniting for social justice. Verses commence with "There's another wave of women " and are separated by a catchy promise and drum roll with the phrase, "Oh, oh here we come. Oh, oh here we come."

Musicians include Beth Schafer, guitars and vocals; Will Robertson, bass and keys; and DJ Burel, drums. Soon the track bursts wide open. Beth's vocals get more intense as the song grows into a full-on powerhouse anthem with the addition of bass, keys and electric guitar. Beth's guitar solos are noteworthy. She is an incredible musician. The powerful and uplifting energy seeps into every inch of your soul - you can literally hear and feel the cumulative effect of every woman's story, of every wave, in the bold sound. This music is not containable. It is a spirit that keeps growing. The song ends on a strong downbeat.

Beth Schafer is a superb songwriter, singer and musician. "Another Wave" is a powerful testimony that you won't soon forget. It is an uplifting and empowering song where music meets social justice and change. "Another Wave" washes onto the world's shores and reminds just how powerful a tide of women, and one song, can be.

Listen on Spotify.

For more information, please visit Beth Shafer's website.


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