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Beth Henderson - 'Wild One'

Review Written by Victoria Scott

Relationships are not easy and the future is not guaranteed which is expressed elegantly in the folk Americana song "Wild One" by Beth Henderson. Beth's warm vocals will draw you in from the start. A steady beat on drums create a mellow rock rhythm against the keys. The melodic content is strong and performed with subtle expressive nuance that keeps listeners captivated. Jazzy elements keep this track engaging. Towards the end, the intensity builds with a nice clap along section. Producer Julian Giamo emphasizes Beth's outstanding vocals while keeping the arrangment very interesting to listen to.

Beth’s inspiration for “Wild One” came from her personal experience with love. She wrote about the frustrations and heaviness of feeling disconnected in a relationship. Instead of walking away, she asked herself what it means to love without conditions and face uncertainty. Remembering how the romance started, the lyrics get back to the spark and the feeling that you would "walk for miles" just to see someone smile.

“Ooo baby you're my wild one. If you were someone else. You wouldn't light a fire. That burns a second skin and fills me with desire. If you were someone else, with any harder lips. I wouldn’t want to hold you, and move against your hips, and move against your hips. I don't want to claim you, I don't want to shame you, I just want to let you rest your head.”

Beth Henderson is an extraordinary singer-songwriter who knows how to convey complex emotions and connect with her listeners. “Wild One” is relatable with a genuine message about lasting love. The song is catchy, yet it never has a dull moment showcasing Beth's refined talent. It's refreshing to hear a song that is so well-written and arranged that you could listen to it over and over and still feel like there's more to hear.

Stream on Spotify and connect Instagram:@thisisjustbeth


About Beth Henderson

Beth Henderson is a folk,Americana singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, New York. With a sound that oscillates between grounded assuredness and transparent vulnerability, Beth writes songs of loss, love, and relationships that just don’t quite work. Born in Delaware, Beth first found her way to music through theater and began to perform once moving to New York City, at venues including Rockwood Music Hall, The Wolfhound, and Gold Sounds. Her debut EP, Questions, is due out in October 2020.


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