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Beth Henderson - "Lovers from London"

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

The talented folk singer-songwriter Beth Henderson travels back to past love affairs in her song "Lovers from London" from her four-track EP titled Questions. An acoustic guitar melody introduces Henderson's silky vocals as the song opens with the chorus. Her lyrics flow gracefully as she sings,

"I've had lovers from London

and lovers from Spain,

but none of those lovers will remember my name 'Cause lovers from London,

and lovers from Spain,

can stay for the fire, but not for the rain. "

The song's introduction begins with acoustic acoustic guitar strumming with a light syncopated groove. The chorus progresses perfectly into the bridge as a piano arpeggiates and an electric guitar plays a vibrant, melodic motif. Henderson's performance is thoughtful and introspective, yet at the same time she seems at peace as she remembers her experiences and raw emotions through vivid story telling. Her lyrics are poetic as she describes each experience, singing about how love begins and fizzles in different ways.

Beth's soft melodic timbre against the resonate acoustic guitar is mesmerizing. she lures you in with her dreamy acoustic guitar and savory vocals. "Lovers from London" is full of passion and the dim fire of burning flames turned to ashes. The song's ending is particularly captivating as Beth sings expressively in her upper register.

Henderson writes with pure conviction and honesty. She is an incredible and authentic songwriter who will capture your heart.


About Beth Henderson

Brooklyn based folk singer-songwriter Beth Henderson has released her debut E.P. Questions. Lyrically and vocally rich, the piece serves as a reflection of love and loss in Henderson’s life and the confusion that comes with trying to make sense of it all.

Written and performed by Beth Henderson, with production and instrumentation by Julian Giamo, the four song EP featuring singles “Wild One” and “Lovers from London” ponders the meaning of love while accepting there are no finite answers.

“Looking back on the loves and losses of my life, there is one thing that binds them all together—questions. With this EP, I’ve tried to put together the thoughts and feelings that still linger from relationships long gone in an attempt to make sense of what romance, at its core, means to me,” says Beth. “I’ll let you know when I have it figured out, but, in the meantime, I’m proud to present to you Questions straight from my heart.”


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