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Ayhan Sahin - “All I Want For Christmas”

Review by Abby Kenna

Ayhan Sahin is revolutionizing the world of holiday tunes with his new song, “All I Want For Christmas”. Drawing on 70s psychedelic rock inspiration, this seasonal song is anything but cliche. Ayhan Sahin builds the arrangement around a foundational guitar motif colored with a bit of distortion and audio effects. This riff cycles throughout the entire song, allowing the composition to ebb and flow around it according to each section’s intensity. Other elements layer in: a bass guitar warbling in the low end, filtered to sound almost as if it were underwater; synth keyboard solos arched with electronic brightness. Sahin also utilizes filters for his vocals to further embrace the retro flair of “All I Want For Christmas”. Vocally, his clean tone and clear delivery are made even more vivid by a radio-esque effect, adding an edge of grit to the sound. Panned harmonies layer in over the lead vocals, immediately expanding the soundscape as they fill every corner of the track with wide-ranging notes. They accentuate the repeated message of the chorus: “All I want for Christmas is another night with you…”

The expert use of texture by Sahin makes this song a journey of a listen, never once losing listeners ’attention. Another element of interest in “All I Want For Christmas” is the interaction of the lyrics and melody. The lyrics are direct and bold, which is supported by the staccato melody. Each note is hit like a drum, allowing each word to be heard loud and clear. “What I want is to have my way / have my way every single day…” Embracing the grooviness of 70s rock, Ayhan Sahin’s new song, “All I Want For Christmas”, is a fresh tune to spice up the holiday playlists.


About Ayhan Sahin

Singer/Songwriter/Producer Ayhan Sahin has achieved notoriety in a range of musical

genres, from pop, rock and dance to musical theater and The New York Daily News.

In the mainstream arena, Sahin has worked with Frida (ABBA), Olivia Newton-John,

Randy Jones from The Village People, Anita Ward, Sandra Bernhard, Melba Moore,

Phoebe Snow, Turkish superstar Sezen Aksu, Broadway star Bianca Marroquin and five

“American Idol” finalists, including Norman Gentle, Vonzell Solomon and Jon Peter


His music has been featured on CNN, Fox Good Day America, The Los Angeles Times,

Playbill, MTV, Univision, Yahoo! Music, Fox Morning News, “The Wendy Williams Show” and Style Network; and heralded by USA Today, New York magazine, MTV, Perez Hilton

In 2007, Sahin founded independent label Young Pals Music, producing/co-writing three

full-length albums for Universal Records artist, Karine Hannah. Illustrating his musical diversity, he has also produced projects for Chilean-American singer/songwriter Promis; Puerto Rican actor/singer Mitch Zorba; MTV “Making the Band” finalist Adam Shenk; French artist Lybert Ramade; acclaimed Georgian singer/songwriter Tinatin; and Turkish singer/songwriter/guitarist Emre Yilmaz. With Dennis DelGaudio, a classically trained guitarist and member of Billy Joel’s band, Sahin released production duo album “DNA”;and single “Bitch Slap!” for “American Idol” finalist and comedic talent Norman Gentle. He co-wrote and produced Award-Winning Broadway star Bianca Marroquin's first-ever solo album "El Mundo Era Mio" in 2014.

His latest project is a production album "Pop" with co-writer/co-producer Bernadette

O'Reilly featuring platinum seller Randy Jones, Anita Ward, Broadway star David

Keeley, country artist Christi Bauerlee and more. Sahin, who lives in New York, is a BMI-affiliated songwriter with his Young Pals Music

Publishing and a voting member of NARAS (Grammy Awards) and Latin Grammy's.

For more information on Ayhan Sahin, please visit his website.


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