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Asia Nicole - 'Fall Back'

Fallback” is an emotional, modern hip-hop / R&B love ballad. Using a minimalist track, it opens with a tight, reverberant piano progression utilizing jazzy seventh chords to add intriguing harmony that immediately will draw in listeners. The gorgeous chord progression on the keyboard takes it's time in the slow meter with chords falling on beats one, three and four. The harmonic structure is rich and moving.

Not before long, Asia’s voice take center stage with silky vocals and addictive melodic phrasing. Ambient vocal adlibs chime in. adding extra energy to the record. The drop of the sub-bass and hi-hat-heavy percussion gives it that modern sound heard in prominent female R&B artist like Jhené Aiko. As the track progresses, the addition of melodic lines from piano break keep listeners enticed by the track.

"Fall Back" is about asserting your self-esteem and making the decision not to mess with dudes who don't do right by you. It's about pulling the trigger on relationships that don't work. Instead of putting up with bad relationship behaviors, you "fall back." "I'm gonna fall back, you should've listened when they told you that I won't be back."

"I'm not the one who needs to be played with.....this queen ain't gotta take it."

From the production to the vocal performance, Asia Nicole shows that she is ready to compete and make her mark in today’s sound market. Her sound is radio-ready and she could easily chart. "Fall Back" is a song for the masses.

Listen on Spotify.


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